Bible Verses for Loneliness

Everyone feels lonely at some point. These Bible verses offer hope, comfort and a reminder that God is always with us.


07/22/2012 07:26:17 AM

Lord Jesus I come before you asking for your forgiveness for I have sinned. Lord please help me and show me the way for I can not do this without you. Lord please please help me. I am lonely, hurt, in pain and I don't know what to do. You have always been there for me no matter what, and I need you right now more than ever. Lord please guide my life and show me the way, removing everything and anyone whom shouldn't be apart of it. I pray that you shower blessings upon my friends, family, and loved ones. I also pray for your support with family issues, Lord please make things right it is in you name I pray.... Lord, please, please help me.... Amen


06/07/2012 12:17:10 PM

Dear God, help me today cope with the emptiness I feel inside. My heart feels as if it is going to collapse, I feel as if I have been abandoned and left on a desolate island, everyone is against me and those that aren't have turned their backs to me. Even my children pose resistance against me and don't see my pain. I know as a single mother I must be stronger than this but I feel as if I am at the end. I know that Jehovah is all I have and need nothing more but why then do I continue to feel so empty. I feel the Favor of the Lord upon my life in so many areas so why then have I no mate. Why do I think so much about the comfort of a man when God is all I need! Help me!!!


02/20/2012 12:26:41 AM

Dear God..why do i always feel so lonely..ever since i was a child..i have asked to so many times to take it away..have on medicine, but it seems to always be there..i use to hurt myself bad, now it seems i long for You more, but i sometimes don't feel You there..please take it away..i have also been asking a partner..i have been ill..i need a break..


01/19/2012 09:32:06 PM

dear God, I know i have much to be thankful for but i am so bored and lonely and because i am a christian i feel guilty for feeling this way. Why cant i have friends to do things with. Do you hate me . I know i need to quit thinking of me and focus on you but it is easier said than done. Please give me strength to overcome this.


12/07/2011 09:38:48 AM

Dear God, Why haven't you answer my prayers for a wife in my life? Bible verses are good, but I need to know why is it taking so long to find her? Why haven't You answer my prayers? What steps do I need to take? Please answer me, talk to me, I truly need You. I been lonely so long, desperate for companionship. I have no children nor spouse. I live with my aunt and youngest brother in my grandmother's house. None of us are married nor have children. Please I don't want to die without being in a relationship. What steps do I need to do to move forward. I have prayed to you constantly over the years and you never answer this pray, why is that?


11/27/2011 06:49:29 PM

Ask GOD in the Risen Christ for help, only in the Living Risen Christ is found help and all things possible in Believing. Also the Word says I(or you) am a companion of those who fear(Love) you. You will find new friends as GOD leads you to them or He brings them to you. GOD is not angry with you, all that was paid for at the cross by Jesus Christ and God was satisfied, you are now friends with GOD and all His excellent ones the Saints.


07/14/2010 04:00:18 AM

Dear lord, Why is my life so hard and lonely why do I lose everyone I love? Is ther no hope for me am I always to be sad lonely poor health lose everyone I love why are you so angry with me lord? I need your help so bad to free my son from prison before something happens to me and please father help me to make enough money to pay our bills and help my family why did I have to lose my husband and be left behind to suffer Brenda


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