Anne Graham Lotz on the Journey of Faith

Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of evangelist Billy Graham, talked with Beliefnet about her new book, "The Magnificent Obsession." She described why she chose Abraham as a model of faith in this book, and also talked about her father's legacy and why religion can be an impediment to a relationship with God.


10/13/2009 03:39:50 AM

Knowing the humanity of Abraham and seeing the struggles in his life and seeing how God chose to continue to bless him reveals, how wonderful is God's love, for all of us that receive his Son,Jesus ..


10/05/2009 02:09:10 PM

pray to have Faith like Abraham and a Deeper relationship with God .


10/01/2009 08:06:47 PM

That would be very, hard, Abraham had such faith in the Lord. And one would have to have faith like a rock. He was one of a kind. And someone to look up to. What a wonderful man.


The Magnificent Obsession

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