Encouraging Bible Verses

These encouraging Bible verses offer hope, inspiration, and comfort.


09/18/2012 01:32:18 PM

I found some nice verses and programs that actually allow you to install on smart phones and your web browser toolbar so nice to have the ability to search and get nice daily quotes from your phone and browser! the tool bar search engine for web browsers is here http://tinyurl.com/942s5z3 and the programs are at http://dayvirtualnews.com/ have a blessed day


05/17/2012 12:24:52 PM

jld4621 I know how it feels, however we continue even when things are horrible we thank God for the bad as well as the good and it is hard to do, I struggle with that often and have had the longest season of suffering from age 4 to 30 yrs old(abuse watched a father kill himself, lost homes and cars, lost jobs children going to jail) and now am starting to see fruit. Be sure to do all you can do to help yourself as well, like downsize, get rid of non nesc. like cable, large cell phone contracts(go month by month no frills just phone), we lived on beans and rice for years. God loves you even when your angry and scared. Ask your self if you have made choices to get where you are or if you are just a victim really do not blame God pray and do what is wise and slowly it turns around. In Love and hope your brother Gary


12/08/2010 06:26:45 PM

"We live by faith, not by sight." Tell that to the tax collector!!!!


12/08/2010 06:23:23 PM

Talk is cheap. Verses don't pay bills


07/19/2010 01:31:47 PM

I can do all things thru christ who strengthends me phl4 v 3


07/07/2010 03:46:53 AM

Isaiah 43:10 states that God will be with you! What I found out was Jesus really is with me. I am actually clothed in Jesus Christ now. I write about that in my upcoming book "Transformed by the Power of God: Learning to be Clothed in Jesus Christ" published by Destiny Image Sept 1 in it I describe how the Lord encouraged me not only to be filled by the Holy Spirit but to be clothed by Himself and the result was I could then rule and reign upon the earth on His behalf. God wants to be with the Body of Christ today. But you need to learn how to get dressed. My book will teach you how you can be dressed in Jesus Christ and God will literally be with you.



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