Why I Left the Episcopal Church to Remain an Anglican

One priest's story of (dis)obedience


02/11/2009 11:23:19 AM

I was just received last sunday into TEC and the Anglican Communion and my rector has preached the biblical position on homosexuality.However,I joined TEC because I like keeping an open mind and I don't regret my decision.I'm Anglican/Episcopalian and I'm proud and BTW Anglican and Episcopalian are the same thing.Now if someone wishes to say that they're Anglican or Episcopalian but retain the biblical view on homosexuality as opposed to the liberal view than a more appropraite title could be Conservative Anglicans or Episcopal Fundamentalists rather than ascribe themselves seperate titles altoghether.


02/09/2009 03:09:24 PM

Matt your leaving i respect i just happen to be only member in my paraish who dont think the ordiaatin of gay priest is right and coservative compaired to rest of my parish members. in christ tom.

matt b

02/05/2009 11:22:33 AM

Dear maplewood, Thank you for engaging. Good, and challenging!, comments and questions. I am not ignoring, just looking for some spare moments to respond as thoughtfully as possible. Talk to you soon! in Christ, matt

matt b

02/05/2009 11:20:32 AM

Dear jd123, Thank you for the comment and God bless, truly!, you and your family. in Christ, matt


02/04/2009 11:01:13 AM

Matt: just one other thought to ponder, please... Does the AMiA allow divorce? Does it marry divorced people? If we read the Bible with your zeal, Jesus said that divorce and remarriage is adultery (Matt. 19:9). Only one exception is allowed: divorce because of adultery. Unless that is the mitigating factor, then any other divorce and remarriage is adultery itself. Adultery is a sin, and a sinful condition, unless ended and repented. Do you have divorced and remarried people in your church? Do you have divorced and remarried clergy? Bishops? Does your church allow divorce, and does it remarry divorced people? If so, why does your church allow, even condone and enable the sin of adultery? And, if so, why is it okay for your church to defy the teachings of Jesus Himself regarding adultery, but we can’t defy the teachings of Paul regarding homosexuality? (Romans, Chap. 1) To refer back to Scripture, it says in Romans 2: 1 that “you have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for you who pass judgment do the same thing.” Your thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks! And pax!


02/03/2009 04:27:32 PM

Rev. Matt: I wish you the best of luck, but you did not leave TEC to become an Anglican. You left to become an evangelical. What you are doing, and why, is decidedly un-Anglican. Anglicanism is based on the three legged stool of Tradition, Scripture, and Reason. Not just Scripture. Anglicanism is based on a faithful, lively reading of Scripture. Not conscious literalism. Anglicanism respects and honors the provinces of the Communion, and the episcopacy therein. Not usurps them. Anglicanism looks to Canterbury as the historic center and charter of our movement. Not Central Africa. Anglicanism values personal responsibility and freedom. Not paternalism. So, you see, though you do have your own path to walk, and I wish you luck with it, it is not Anglicanism. You are not “saving” Anglicanism, but fracturing it.


01/22/2009 11:05:50 PM

God bless you for your and your family's obedience to the Lord. My wife, daughter, mother and I all left the Episcopal church at the same time as you. We did not have a logical Anglican alternative, so we joined the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod. However, we still remain Anglicans at heart and are very much at home in a conservative, Lutheran congregation. I am thankful that this crisis in the Episcopal Church is focusing so much attention on the place of scripture in our faith. I only pray that the blind will see.