A Spiritual Walk with Kathleen Norris

Best-selling author, poet, essayist and oblate Kathleen Norris talks to Beliefnet about her spiritual life and her latest book 'Acedia and Me'.


03/20/2009 10:20:58 PM

I'm glad the author defined "Acedia" in the interview. At first, I thought it was related to "Evangeline of Arcadia!" I would HATE to be accused of that "deadly sin." I beg to differ with the author on my favorite poetry in the Bible. I absolutely LOVE "Songs of Solomon." I read it as a teenager, and LONGED for a love like that. Whenever I fell in love (and there were MANY times), the images in that book would mirror my own feelings, and I'd FEEL "in love." That was the kind of love I had for my late husband - "Agape love" as well as passionate love. Now, whenever I happen to read it, it reminds me wholy and f ully of our relationship, and I feel warm all over.


01/09/2009 05:22:18 PM

Norris' books have been a real blessing to me in my faith journey. Thank you for this interview.