Jesus Meets Obama's Transition Team

Would Jesus be approved for a spot in the Obama administration? Father Jim Martin offers a report.

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17.) Have you belonged to any membership organization that restricted membership or affiliation based on race, sex, disability...?
Rabbis could only be men, at least when he was one. Now it's different. Still, will woman be offended? On other hand, knows Hebrew, speaks it. Jewish voters might like that. (Possible post: Ambassador to Israel?)

20.) [P]lease provide the names and details of any individuals or organizations with which you have been affiliated... which might have the potential for embarrassment.

Red flags! Prostitutes. (Another Spitzer?) Tax collectors. (Who likes them?) Sinners: "dines" with, he says. (Problem for religious right.) This sounds harsh, but he keeps bad company. Friends are rough around edges. Peter--closest advisor--is hothead and shoots his mouth off. (Biden?) Also Peter denied knowing him. (Youtube video on that? Hope not.) Can we trust P. not to do/say anything stupid for 4 (8) years? Overall, bad track record for picking friends. 2 betrayed him—one accepted bribe. (Fox News is sure to pick that up.)

22.) Please furnish a copy of each net worth statement...
Should be easy for I.R.S. Says he has no money! "The Son of Man has no place to lay his head," said. That's a quote. Gave him emails for real-estate brokers in D.C. Lots of work with poor, too. Says they're "blessed." The left will eat this up.


33.) Have you filed all required federal, state, local and foreign income tax returns?
Hard to read notes--sorry. "Caesar?"

43.) Please list any administrative agency procedures in which you have been involved as a material witness...
Bad news here. Confusing testimony from trial. Sanhedrin transcript lost. Roman authorities might balk at giving access to files. Maybe returning more statues to Italy might help with this? (Do we know anyone at Getty Museum?)

45.) Have any members of your family or close social business associates been arrested for, charged with or convicted of a crime...
His "friend" Peter--get this--sliced someone's ear off before trial. No charges, since guy got better, somehow. Still, embarrassing.

57.) If applicable, please list the names, addresses and phone numbers of cohabitants within the last ten years.
Palled around with "followers" (few 100) and "disciples" (70 or so). And "apostles." 12. Only men?? Will that (a) offend women? Or (b) raise eyebrows among religious right? But has lots of friends, men and women. Likeable guy. Doesn't discriminate. Young voters will like that.

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