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Influencing your world for good

Hang on. It’s the Wild West in the Ancient East. The road rumbles as David grumbles, “May God do his worst to me if Nabal and every cur in his misbegotten brood isn’t dead meat by morning!”

Then, all of a sudden, beauty appears. A daisy lifts her head in the desert; a swan lands at the meat packing plant; a whiff of perfume floats through the men’s locker room. Abigail, the wife of Nabal, stands on the trail. Whereas he is brutish and mean, she is “intelligent and good-looking.”

Brains and beauty. Abigail puts both to work. As David and his men descend a ravine, she takes her position, armed with “two hundred loaves of bread, two skins of wine, five sheep dressed out and ready for cooking, a bushel of roasted grain, a hundred raisin cakes, and two hundred fig cakes, . . . all loaded on some donkeys.”

Abigail’s no fool. She knows the importance of the moment. She stands as the final barrier between her family and sure death.

Abigail teaches so much. The contagious power of kindness. The strength of a gentle heart. One Abigail can save a family.

Be the beauty amidst your beasts and see what happens.

Text from 'Cast of Characters' by Max Lucado. Used with permission of Thomas Nelson Publishers, Inc.

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