Top Ten Christian Devotional Books

From books of prayer and Bible study guides to inspirational stories and spiritual self-help books, devotionals come in all shapes and sizes. There are devotionals for Christians of all kinds--so many, in fact, that it can be tough to select the right one for you.


01/28/2013 03:17:21 PM

I have discovered the book: Prayers at 8:30 by Stanley F. Schmidt available through . This book has 104 illustrated prayers that open doors to discovery and insight. This book has deepened my prayer life.


07/05/2011 12:14:33 PM

Hey Our Daily Bread by Radio Bible Class too. Even Deaf Missions is good for anyone who sign ASL, watch it.


05/17/2011 08:47:24 PM

Dear ladyrev, Make sure you document all of these situations for your custody hearing for your children--anecdotal records stand up in Court. Good luck and Blessing to you.


03/06/2011 11:55:07 PM

My husband has left after 18 years of marriage. 1 of his problems was he drank a lot. I did all that i could to save it. I turn to god. I leave it in gods hands now. After telling him I let him go his attitude changed. He does live with his mom. His mom is divorced herself but still lives with the ex under the same roof. They still do married things. His mother doesn't like ever since we got married. She wore all black to our wedding. Now, our kids are emotional. I did my best and talked to them about how they need to see their father. Every time I would get them back they cry and tell me how bad it was over there. Grandma is trying to be mom. grandma has me cooking dinner at age 13. Grandma is always yelling and trying to start arguments between dad and us. Finally, I had enough. It was his turn to have the kids, again he choose to go out and leave them with his mother. Kids called up crying I went to pick them up. He called me and told me I better take them back. I said no, they dont need the stress or drama especially when you come home late and drunk. Wondering if i did the right thing. Now hes telling everyone that i'm keeping the kids from him. Its not true. I just won't let them go back to that house. Now we're going to court and he wants 50/50. I need some prayer.


08/01/2010 06:33:44 PM

OOPS! My e-mail address is: Look forward to reading your stories and offerings prayers & blessings for you.


08/01/2010 06:32:32 PM

I am currently working on a project in my doctorate program that deals with marriage/divorce. If there is anyone out there that has been married (men & women), 3 times and would be willing to share their stories with me, I would be thankful.


08/01/2010 06:29:59 PM

I used to hate/fear the thought of dying ... not for myself, I had Jesus' assurance that I would be with Him when that time came. But, I was concerned about my children and how they were going to be able to handle / manage life without me. I have been so blessed in knowing how much they love me. My pastor reminded me that as they have seen me grow in my faith, they have grown also and take refuge in the fact that we are promised a reunion ... on the day of the great resurrection. I talked with my children about this and we have all found peace in Christ and in His promise that He will never leave nor forsake us.


12/18/2009 08:24:45 AM

I dont want to sound greedy,but i would like more time with the love one here.Great grandmother pass away three years ago,and my grandmother still cannot enjoy life till this day. Idont want to see anybody suffering, just very hard to see life without them. My grandmother being the only daughter,she was very close to her mom. At times i think when the love one passes on , we the family start suffering from the loss,and at times never finding peace. I get so depress,and dont know what to do. I just wish there was a easy and better way of letting go and moving on. Me and my grandmother are finding it hard to deal with the feeling of moving on.


09/07/2009 12:42:05 AM

I have been out in the wilderness for so long and when it seems i might be coming home i get swoop back out there. I empathize with any death of any love ones. I know in deep that a part is gone whether in knowing they are with the Lord does give some comfort but the other is not having them around to laugh,cry or just to hear their beautiful voice. I misss so much of my brother that even though i know he is in heaven i wish he was here wiht me. selfish ,,yes i am. selfishness out of love.. I miss seeing him and there are those moments when ithink he is coming down the hill or around the bend and call me by my name Bundy. that i miss so much..Times i find solace in knowing he is with the Lord but others i find heartache in knowing he is there. Is this a oxymoron? My prayers always


05/26/2009 11:16:30 AM

Death is a hard thing to deal with, I know. My earthly father died when I was only 6, I didnt understand which caused depression problems for me later in life, but the Lord helped me understand, the day I rededicated my life thru a healer he told me he is only sleeping. Then one of my husband's bestfriend and past comrades died he was ill for along time, but when he passed, I prayed for peace for his family and my husbands, but I also felt jelious, because he was getting to see Jesus before me. Now my just older brother and sister are both very ill, but the Lord is holding them up. My mother also recently had a stroke but the Lord is healing her of all signs, because of Prayer All Things Are Possible In the Lord. I pray for your peace and again feel some jelousy because all that have passed are rejoicing with the LORD. We too will be rejoicing again with our loved ones. Keep the Faith, and God Bless You Marilyn


12/22/2008 01:10:23 AM

My Mother Passed Away on Thanksgiving Day... What was to be thankful for? She has fought really hard for 3 year's with Lung Cancer.. always had the faith and joy,Never Complained. Just said Jesus will take Care of Me! And that Was The End of That ! Well I had No Doubt That he would. I have a lot of Faith in my Lord and Saviour. When her Doctor Told us that she was clear... NO Cancer We all had a Chance to Breathe,Thank God no more chemo no more Radiation.Then she started to fall the doctor told me to take Moma to have an MRI.By the time that was done and we had gotten back to her home,The Doctor was calling Mom had to go into the hospital.She had a Brain Tumor.she stayed a week in the hospital they gave her a year to 3 year's. that was on Nov.18-2008 after they put her through 17 more Radiation Treatment's. On Nov-27 2008 We lost her .She went home to be with the Lord on that day and I will Alway's remember the fearless fight she fought and the Love she had For her Husband and her Children ,Grandchildren,and Greatgrandchildren.What I'm trying to say is I'm trying to get through this Through the Grace of God, and By Her precious Smile and Love.And Believe me I cant wait for the day we meet Again Mom. I Love You. So when u ask where the lord is when u r going through such things dont worry He Is There If U Have Faith..just believe and he will help you through @ least thats what I'm doing. I thank U Lord She did not suffer longer.