The Bible and Money: 10 Tips from Scripture

The Bible cannot tell you how to diversify your portfolio, but it can tell you how to be the kind of person who saves enough money, spends wisely, plans ahead, gives generously, and learns to enjoy money.


08/05/2010 02:35:11 AM

Theologically, I agree that Jesus didn't get involved in tax rates or social service debates, he would have voted for neither Republicans nor Democrats (which might mean that Christians shouldn't vote at all), and so I try not to wield my faith too much in that realm. But I do think that societies that provide strong social safety nets and tend to equalize income distributions through progressive taxation are happier healthier societies, and that is an ethical good I'm willing to vote for, and that things like food, shelter, and health care for the poor are worthwhile things for a wealthy country to provide for human beings in need.


04/15/2010 02:25:01 PM

Is your tithe giving back to God, or giving to a man or entity. as I said God doesn't need it. It's man made. I do believe in giving out of the heart and not out of compultion. When I put love offerings in the plate I veiw it as helping out and honoring God with that money. But I don't give it back to God. I don't believe that's what he wants. If you gave your child a new car, would you want him to give you back the front wheels or the steering wheel? No, but you would hope that he would be honorable with it. Maybe give people rides to church or help somebody that ran out of gas. We don't give to get something in return. We give to help. It's when we help others that we recieve blessing from God. And yes I too believe you are a blessing. Please don't get me wrong. You have helped me. I just don't agree with #7. I do love you and gladly call you a brother in Christ.


04/15/2010 02:02:49 PM

First, I love the quizzes ... I am becoming a master at them. I teach a class at my church and I often share some of the info from the quizzes. Anyway I want to comment on the what the Bible says about MONEY, these are powerful scriptures and I agree with all of them ... I took #7 as another to tithe. To give back to God is just another opportunity to be blessed. Keep up the good work. You are blessing Christians like me and I am more powerful because of this ... Be Blessed


04/14/2010 07:19:42 PM

I agree with them all except #7. It says "honor" God with your wealth not give it back to him. If your friend or parents gave you money or a gift, they don't want it back, and neither does God. He does however want us to do honarable things with it. He has called us to take care of the widows, orphans , and strangers. God doesn't need our money. But thier are those who do. And that doesn't mean paying for some preachers fancy car. It means helping those who really need it Read Duet. 14, the second part. We recieve our blessings from helping the orphans, widows, and strangers. Tip #7 should read "gives to those who need it."


04/14/2010 11:46:44 AM

Your 10 Tip Powerpoint Presentation on The Bible and Money is vwonderful way to make sure making money does not become an overwhelming desire. I put these tips on a card to keep with me at al times. Tommie Cason


11/25/2008 09:43:45 AM

Your 10 Tip Powerpoint Presentation on The Bible and Money is very practically enouraging. Thank you. Rev. Dr. Raj Ignatius