Ten Ways Jesus Showed Love

There are innumerable moments when Jesus expressed humor.


01/20/2012 01:16:09 AM

Had Jesus survived the Cross & migrated to live in India ? ‘The Rozabal Shrine of Srinagar’ A new film exploring the theory that Jesus survived the Cross and migrated to India to live a long life, and his tomb is in Srinagar (Kashmir), India. Jesus is supposed to have travelled once earlier also—between age 13 to 29, the period about which Bible is silent. Watch this fascinating film ONLINE & FREE at: http://www.cultureunplugged.com/storyteller/Rai_Yashendra_Prasad Writer-Director: Yashendra. Producer: Films Division ( Govt Of India) Synopsis:- The Rozabal Shrine in Srinagar, India, contains one of the biggest mysteries of the world. It contains the tomb of Yuza Asaf who is supposed to be none other than Jesus Christ ! This fascinating film explores the research works of national and international experts who are convinced of this fact. According to traditions dating 1st century AD and several ancient works in Persian, Arabic, Chinese & Sanskrit, this Yuza Asaf was a Prophet to the Children of Israel who was crucified by his own people. However, he survived the crucifixion and migrated to live in Kashmir. In the East he was known as Isa Masih. There are tantalizing architectural, inscriptional, anthropological, archeological & documentary evidences which strongly indicate that Yuza Asaf was, indeed, Jesus Christ. He had arrived in Kashmir in the 1st century. ‘Jesus Christ’ itself was not the original name of the Great Prophet. He must not have ever imagined that he will be known as ‘Jesus Christ’. It is a modern English name. His original Hebrew name was perhaps Yashuah. The film does not make any claim whatsoever. It merely presents one of the theories put forward by national and international experts that the Rozabal Shrine of Srinagar seems to be the tomb of Jesus Christ. This hypothesis makes the Rozabal Shrine an unique place in world where all religions seems to unite, conveying the message of love, peace and harmony. Thanks


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