Mormonism vs. Traditional Christianity

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints share beliefs with traditional Christians, but there are also tenets of their faith that are unique. View our gallery to learn about the differences between the beliefs of Mormons and traditional Christians.


07/12/2011 09:26:52 PM

Peacewithin, A Temple marriage can only be attended by members of the Church who have been endowed in the Temple. It requires a temple recommend from their Bishop and Stake President attesting to their worthiness to enter the Temple.The ordinance of marriage performed in the Temple is a very sacred ordinance, sealing husband and wife for eternity by the power of the Holy Melchezdek Priesthood. Remember when Peter was called to the priesthood by the Savior, he received the keys to seal and bind on earth those things that would be bound in heaven. Matt.16:19. No one is denied the privilege and blessing of entering the Temple. All who qualify themselves through obedience to the laws and ordinances of the gospel may enter and receive of the special blessings therein.


05/01/2011 11:23:35 AM

The Bible or Library is composed of several books written by various authors over a wide period of time. Some books were included and others were excluded. There was no unamious agreement as to what was included or not. Rather it was through a process that was more political in nature. The Nicaea Council and other councils were much more political than anything else.


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12/11/2010 09:57:59 PM

I have a family member that is Mormon. I have met some of her friends. They are kind,and compassionate people. I have noticed though,they have to do alot of works for people & church projects.When a family member got married, they married in The Temple. Our family was not allowed to attend,because we weren't Mormons. I don't understand how a Church that teaches family is very important, wouldn't let us attend this happy event. Can anyone explain this to me? I feel like because I wasn't of their faith, I am not worthy to go to their Temple. Will someone who is of the Mormon faith explain why? Thanks


10/18/2010 06:23:36 PM

I have to say, I usually see these Christian sites just bashing Mormonism. They usually have unfair arguments to support this. I want to thank you. You were very fair to my faith. You didn't regurgitate the lies others tell about us, but you clearly stated our beliefs. You did compare the differences between our beliefs and other Christian churches, but you did so in a tactful, respectful manner. Thank you so much for truly being Christ-like.


08/12/2010 05:05:42 PM

Sometimes, we need examples and ie; to explain meaning. Personally, I keep a dictionary and a Bible nearby for references. I could use a crystal ball for clarity but I've been burned before probably in Salem in another lifetime. I believe that we are condemned to hell until we learn to choose more wisely. I like to pretend that this is all some horrible nightmare that I am not afraid to ride in the wind through the night. I wail like the Irish banshee because death stalked my cradle and stole my firstborn son and two years later my firstborn daughter. I have two living children whom I taught to believe in God but who chose to believe in my condemnation if I should teach my truth. My opinion is this, "Thank you, Father for my salvation through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ who died on a wooden cross in Hell on Calvary so that we, sinners all, shall be saved because we believe. It isn't UP to me where others go though I have often said, "Go to Hell." I thank God for my lack of authority. My judgments are often questioned so I have to keep them as understood as possible. If you aren't certain what I meant, that is my point. How will you know that unless you ask the source?


08/12/2010 04:52:40 PM

I challenge your faith in your beliefs. I believe in God, my Father in heaven. The Book of Mormon has a challenge in its beginning. I prayed that God reveal HIS truth to ME. He did. Sorry Mormons and LDS Saints and sinners. You don't know God's truth. You have been deceived as have the masses who worship in temples, churches and tabernacles. Go within to know if God resides there.

07/07/2010 04:12:29 AM

The LDS believe that God the Father and Jesus have bodies of flesh. That sounds heresy from a Christian perspective, but with one exception. The essence of being a Christian is having the Creo (Greek) smeared all over you and having the Christos upon you like Jesus did (Luke 4:18). Then when you love and obey the Lord Jesus He said both God the Father and Jesus would come and make their homes within your flesh and blood. That makes the true believers who have the Spirit of God within them the bodies of flesh for our God. That is what my upcoming book "Transformed by the Power of God: Learning to be Clothed in Jesus Christ" published by Destiny Image Sept 1 teaches as in it I describe how the Lord encouraged me not only to be filled by the Holy Spirit but to be clothed by Himself and the result was I could then rule and reign upon the earth on His behalf. God wants to be with the Body of Christ today. But you need to learn how to get dressed. My book will teach you how you can be dressed in Jesus Christ and God will literally be with you.


06/02/2010 09:30:13 AM

The Mormon idea of apostasy is justification for Joseph Smith and his vision. When in fact the apostles received the Holy Spirit and went to to preach all over the known world, they were given power to heal, even raise from the dead. They were a band of brothers given the holy spirit. If you can show me where they fell into apostasy, i will read it. They continued the work of Jesus, end of story, thus no need for latter day saviors. Jesus is God's Son, and God, difficult concept but true. God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit is the Godhead, a concept that needs to be prayed about to understand. There is scripture at the very end of Revelation which commands, do not change or add to this book, I afraid the Mormons have done that, rendering them false.


01/08/2010 08:46:52 PM

the early apostles of the church became apostate because they could not come to an agreement. thats to show you that mormonisn is based on false prophesy not jesus belefs.


01/08/2010 08:29:34 PM

I believe that a human being dont need to do all these foolish man teachings in order to get to heaven. jesus said he who believeth in is save, he who dont is codemn already. simple truth.


12/27/2009 02:43:49 AM

we do belive in the orignal sin. But we are not born with that sin


11/14/2009 06:00:28 AM

As having practiced and taught the Mormon doctrine I would have to disagree with your teaching that Mormon do not believe in the original sin, the belief that Eve 's disobedience was through temptation and is the first sin, and resulted in the punishment of a fallen state of mortality in the sphere of time in the existence of progression. Surely represents belief in the original sin that is taught in the highest teachings of the temple.


10/11/2009 09:55:40 AM

Would someone of the Mormon faith tell me where in the Bible it says that the early saints and the church fell into apostasy? I would be interested to know this. thank you


03/11/2009 07:55:43 AM

In your descriptions of the differences between Christianity and Mormonism, the "meetings" of Nicea and Chalcedon have nothing to do with pure Christianity. They are not Biblical and I believe that they are Roman Catholic. Which, like so many other religions stray from Biblical truths.


11/19/2008 05:05:57 AM

This "slide" is close, but not completely accurate. Maybe it's just syntax, but spirits are immortal, our current bodies are mortal. So it would be more accurate to say: "God the Father is the literal father of the spirits of all mankind." More detail is probably warranted, but I'm guessing this is supposed to be a brief comparison.