How to Pray the Bible

Very often our concerns, our relationships, our hopes and aspirations, naturally intertwine with our meditations on the Scriptures. We can attend "with the ear of our hearts" to our own memories, listening for God's presence in the events of our lives.


06/05/2011 03:46:30 PM

prayer at any level and ability is going to change things no matter who wrote what Jesus can give understanding through the worst written words to his people no one breathing can limit what Jesus can use to inform His people ...So all you fact finders who know it all factor in that Jesus knows you and he knows More than you will ever know in your lifetime.


06/05/2011 07:07:29 AM

The fact that you were on this site and made such a comment tells me that you are searching for the truth. Continue to surf through sites like this and you will find it. Faith, my friend, faith


10/08/2010 07:01:53 AM

(The holy bible:) A book of parables and mythology written by men for men and translated from many languages by men who were in their time were called (SCRIBES) and who are in our time are called (JEWISH LAWYERS.) The word of God written by Jew lawyers should be suspect by any thinking people. Is it any wonder that theses same Jew lawyers self anointed the Jewish people as God's chosen people when their own bible (THE OLD TESTAMENT) condemned the Jewish people as evil and sinful people.