How to Do What the Bible Says

In my article "Why Christians S**k," I encouraged--okay, antagonized--my fellow Christians to start doing what the Bible says: Feed the poor, clothe the naked, love the unlovely. But we can change today.


01/30/2012 09:33:52 PM

Jennifer Dent of condemned Jesus Christ himself ??? Why??? This website was condemned by Jennifer Dent. Why??? Study it as though your eternal life depends upon it, for it does!


01/20/2012 01:15:26 AM

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01/14/2012 06:41:34 AM

Being a Christian should mean that we want to go to heaven. The scripture in James 1: 27; says that pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world. I also believe that we really give more when we have very little to give.


07/07/2010 05:50:30 AM

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04/21/2010 01:58:40 AM

and also the only time Christians suck is when they are flaky or more like when they think that the bible is about a set of rules that one must follow or else there a bad Christian. If you think thats what its about, sit down and question your Christianity. side note to sylviamzz. you can read Romans 8 followed by Rom 6 and thats how you can start to overcome, further more read the word every day and journal on it


04/21/2010 01:47:02 AM

ok so you got 2cor 9:7 down pretty well what about matt 28:19 prob a little more important and not even a mention unless thats the intended result of the 10 steps


01/31/2010 07:49:58 PM

I do not buy the notion that Christians suck. Not enough of us are involved, I'll concede to that, but what we all need as Christ-followers is maturity and encouragement, not guilt-tripping. How can we become cheerful givers if we give out of guilt, trying to make up for the fact that we haven't been generous enough in the past? I do give sacrificially to the church, to ppl on the street, and to friends I know who are in need. I've done enough of this to become needy myself. I really don't appreciate the guilt-tripping. I don't think it's working. You may as well stop it and choose another tactic. I do applaud you on your creative ways to be more generous with the church and other ppl, and more frugal with onesself. Perhaps if you had launched into these great creative ideas instead of prefacing the article with "you suck" it would have been more effective.


07/23/2009 01:16:28 AM

just because they are homeless dosen't mean their unlovely they are a blessing from are one above