Discovering the Sacred Echo

When God really wants to get your attention, He doesn't just say something once. He echoes. The same scripture, idea, or theme will reappear until you can't help but wonder if a greater something, or Someone, is at work.


06/01/2011 01:44:19 PM

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10/31/2010 04:04:52 PM

I know personally I have stuggled with being STILL and listening. I believe we all to some extent find it hardest to wait on God when we want answers NOw and are extremely anxious. This is what He teaches when He says do not worry about what you should eat or what you should put on.. tomorrow will worry about itself. He said an evil man knows how to give good gifts to His child... what more will your Father in Heaven do for His children?? I have to follow steps 1-8 intently,


04/25/2010 01:32:22 PM

One of our bigest problem is waiting. you right we don't like to wait on any thing. But think about how long jesus have wait on us to get it together and he still waiting on some of us.


04/07/2010 06:30:41 PM

Learn to live the gospel. Well now that is my desire but it is no easy thing really; sanctification is a process it takes time. For me the hardest part of the whole thing is the waiting lets face none of us like waiting in this age of instant gratification. God does not always work on our time schedule He works on His time schedule. Of course sometimes the reason we don't hear is we don't listen


02/08/2010 09:54:02 AM

I really like this comment by burgundykiss .. As far as I can tell, she is very much "on the right track" ... I have found The Letter of James to the 12 tribes of The Dispersion very enlightening along these lines. --- To see for yourself go to


01/08/2010 08:12:38 PM

I believe what mohandas ghandhi said, when christians learn how to live the gospel, i will become a christian. this is true some christians become initiated but donot follow what they beliefs.


12/27/2009 06:52:13 PM

I feel the same missingmom, but I look at as every trial and tribulation is another way for me to have faith in God and know that he will take care of everything. Trials and tribulations build our faith in God.


09/30/2009 11:14:37 AM

I keep praying to God for answers to my questions. Instead my problems seem to be growing more and more. I can barely keep my head above water at this point.


08/09/2009 02:08:01 PM

All religions pray for peace and wage war.


07/25/2009 03:39:18 PM

When you do here Gods voice its like a breath of fresh air. We as Christians have to get in a quite place to quite our spirit to learn how to listen to God. You will know its God because you will feel his whole presence around you (not to say his presence is not around you), and also his sweet smelling aroma. When God whisper gently in you ear and you will feel his breath on your face. Know that it is the breath of God.


06/25/2009 11:32:22 PM

When you here the voice of God you will know. It is in your heart, your mind, your soul. It's in his time he speaks.When discernment comes to you ,God is speaking to you. So listen. You will know.. Have you ever had this over welming feeling when you start to do somthing. Its something you can make a choice about. If God is for it, you will know, If he is not for it , don't do it. Choice is given to us all. But do we make the right choices? That is between you and God. Glowangel


12/02/2008 08:16:06 AM

Take time to meditate on the Father, be quite and Listen inwardly.