Why Christians S**k

Jesus might have harsh words for Christians today. Here's why...and what you can do about it.


10/22/2012 02:19:52 PM

Going to Bible school was one of the best choices i have made in my life. I majored in Religion and Psychology. I found the school using a director search and i am so glad I did. I took a class on old poetical books in the Bible. The professor made a comment in class that offended me as a christian. He stated, "we as Christians are damning people to hell every day." At first i was offended but the more we talked and the more i thought about it, he was so right. There are people who look at my life and because of my actions say they will not follow Christ. If he is a follower and that is what followers do, then i don't want that. This rocked my world to think i could do something that would turn someone off to Christ. Ever since then John 14:15, "if you love God you will keep His commandments" became a favorite verse. I love God so much and want to keep his commands and i want others to see Christ through everything i do. If anyone wants to search other schools to find the right one for you, i used http://www.americolleges.com/. Thank you for reading.


11/01/2010 09:27:26 AM

Hello. I agree with the author. Certainly I know many devoted Christians, but I aso know people who profess to be Christians who live daily lives contrary to God's Word. Yes, we fall short at times, but to deliberately ignore God's Word and try to jusify our sin is wrong. We, as a nation need to hear God's voice. Our nation is becoming one "as in the days of Noah." But our long-suffering God says: "If MY people (that's Christians--followers of Christ) will humble themselves and repent of their sins, THEN He will hear from heaven and forgive our sins and HEAL OUR LAND." And my beloved Christian's friends--our land needs healing!!! It starts with us! I am trying so hard to do better in my Christian walk...Thank you for the inspiration!!!


07/31/2009 04:46:14 PM

To quote Lenny Bruce: "I think it's time we gave up religion and got back to God" That my very well be what the future holds! Right now, the impossible is looking inevitable! Check it out at http://www.dunwanderinpress.org


08/31/2008 05:38:52 PM

I never leave comments but as I was reading through the posts, I was floored by priam1's comment-"Religious people as a whole give more than their fair share" I am shocked to hear those words coming out of a follower of Christ's mouth. Do we really have a "fair share"? When you become a follower of Christ everything you have belongs to Him and I can't acknowledge that we are doing our "fair share" until millions of children across the world aren't dying of starvation, aids, lack of clean drinking water, abuse...the list goes on and on. We can do more and we HAVE to do better because Christ commands us to and because the whole world is watching to see if we really believe what we say we believe- "Love your neighbor as yourself" (Love your neighbor as much as you love your big house, your brand new car, and your non-fat late.


07/30/2008 08:38:16 PM

In the article "Why Some Christians Suck" the answer is simple; when we first come to Christ we are 'ladened' with imperfections. We are 'justified, instantly but 'sanctification' comes over a period of time. We have to 'grow' into perfection. Even if everything you accused Christians were true, by the blood of Jesus, they are forgiven. What is the difference between the Christian and the non-Christian. The Christian asks God for forgiveness of sins- they repent and they get it. The non-Christians doesn't feel they need forgiveness - they don't get it. Calvary paid the price, Calvary says that the repenting sinner is forgiven over and over again. And that my friend, is it. All those things you see your brothers and sisters doing? They are their stumbling blocks - too bad that you the strong has to bear the infirmities of the weak. Prayer does work - it saved you and it will also save them. See Luke 18:9-14, Matt 18;21-22 and Isa.64:6. Blessings.


07/28/2008 09:14:53 AM

I did not mean that I don't go by Christian because of hypocrisy, I just really never seen in the Bible where Jesus or the disciples called us or themselves that. I feel first of all that all people at time can be hypocrites, but an unsaved soul should never ever judge a Saint as being a hypocrite, because they are not covered in Jesus blood to judge us. But then again Saints should strive to be an example of Jesus love and forgiveness, not saying that we won't make a mistake but our mistakes are covered by the blood of Jesus if we truly repent and a sinner is not. Therefore where is the true hypocrisy, I think it lyes in the unsaved heart.


07/27/2008 03:41:07 PM

PART 1 I disagree, priam1. If someone is a true child of God, or "Christian", as some others choose to be labeled (I go by "child of God" because of the hypocrisy and falsehood of Christianity and its teachings and doctrines) then they will give to any and all who ask. A true child of God knows that whatsoever they give up will be returned to them by the Lord. There is no excuse for not giving, NONE. If you believe in Jesus and you believe in His power then you should have faith that He will not penalize you for giving by bringing hardship upon you.


07/27/2008 03:40:41 PM

PART 2 I'm not just blowing smoke, either. I'm coming from personal experience. When I was a teenager, my family and I had a hefty mortgage, expensive utility payments, as well as my sick mother at home who required great expense to keep her healthy and cared for. We were always just this side of broke, and money was always tight for us. One day my dad and I were heading home from my school when we saw a man and his 10 year old son sitting on the steps of a home on our street we knew had been recently rented. In the front yard was all their possessions. My dad went to them, and asked the man what had happened. The man proceeded to tell my dad how he and his disabled son (his son had MS) needed a place to live and turned to our local Seventh-Day Adventist church. The church assured him they'd pay the rent deposit on the home and that he had nothing to worry about. He told this to our landlord and moved into the home.


07/27/2008 03:40:05 PM

PART3 Well, the church forgot all about him and did not pay the deposit, and the landlord evicted him, throwing all his possessions on the lawn and locking him out. My dad asked him how much he needed and he told him $600. Now, $600 for us was a mortgage payment, but this was 13 years ago, so that'd be like $1200 today. Now, according to the typical Christian ideal, and yes I'm looking at you priam1, we were to give the man our insincere condolences and go on our merry way. However, my dad knew God's truth and God's truth says the man had a need and as a child of God it was his duty to fulfill this man's need. So, without hesitation, my dad went to our bank and drew out $600 and gave it to the man and by the end of the day the man and his son had moved back into their home. Now, did this gift put my family in dire straits? Did we lose our home because we helped this man get into his? On the contrary! By a miracle of the Lord we were able to meet every one of our needs without a problem.


07/27/2008 03:39:18 PM

PART4 Please understand I am not trying to bring praise to my dad, or my family. I only share this story to illustrate that the excuse "I can't give to everyone who asks because I won't be able to meet my needs!" doesn't cut it. This is the mindset of those who have not accepted Christ into their lives, and it is a slap in Jesus' face by those who claim to have accepted him. Lastly, I leave you with the following scriptures: Matthew chapter 25 verses 34-46 I won't type them here, as I fear I have been wordy enough, but they nail this issue right on the ol' proverbial head.


07/26/2008 08:56:57 PM

I think Davis' comments are really out of order. There is a definite difference between one's faith and one's practice. Religious people as a whole give more than their fair share--and there are plenty of studies to prove this. Furthermore, it hsa been my personal experience that people will do what they want regardless as to what one says. To imply that it is unChristian if one doen't help everyone that one comes in contact with because they are less well off than you is simply absurd. To further imply that one is being unChristian because one does not believe that sexual conduct is a factor in being Christlike is also over the top--note, I said "conduct" as opposed to "preference". I couln't care less what someone's preference is, but I deeply care about someone's conduct.


07/23/2008 11:56:23 AM

I think I might get some rocks also after this posting. Alot of people feel this way about people who call themselves Christian. Personaly I understand what the word Christian is suppose to mean, but I don't call myself that. It just sounds a little arrogant for me, plus Jesus never ever called us Christians or we are to be Christians. Jesus called us to Salvation and he told us when we walk in the spirit then we are the sons of God. Also he called us children of God, Saints, Saved, believers etc... When you say you are a Christian alot of people already will judge you and you have some what put yourself in the spot light by announcing I am a Christian. I find it better when I tell people I Love Jesus and that it was Jesus who died for my sins. I put the spotlight on Jesus and not myself. I try to always lift Jesus up and I take low so no one will call me a hypocrite, just a person that really love Jesus. Plus I let them know I am nothing but a sinner saved by grace and the can be also.


07/22/2008 09:19:17 AM

Christians also s**k because we will spend any amount for war while slashing social safety nets and because we torture prisoners (see http://brokenlives.info/). Just yesterday Mukasey called on Congress to pass yet another law to allow the administration to violate the human rights of prisoners taken in conjunction with the war on terror. We Americans have an unrealistic idea of our moral standing. I don't care that evil people perpetrated 9/11. This does not give us the right to torture. Jesus, who asked his father to forgive his torturers, who would he torture???


07/19/2008 06:07:31 PM

Everyone is a sinner, even christians. No person is perfect. Only Jesus. And christian do have there faults. As does anyone else, but we are forgiven, for our sins, the non christain is not. And when we stand before God we will all have to give an account for what we have done and said.


07/18/2008 12:25:44 PM

I think part of the problem is that the people that are most frequently seen speaking for Christians are some of the most hypocritical so the entire group gets painted with a broad brush. Those who are working quietly to bring Christ's love to the poor, the lost and the disenfranchised also follow the instruction to do their good in secret so that only the Lord knows it was done.


07/17/2008 10:21:51 PM

sadly, we are not living fully to what Jesus teaches. we love ourself, more then our fellow man. We look other way, when billion of human beings do with out. We whine, if we do with out just a little thing. God forgive us for being as such jerks.


07/17/2008 11:41:23 AM

And I will be speaking out this coming Sunday. My message will be posted to my blog - "Thoughts From The Heart On The Left".


07/17/2008 11:39:07 AM

I have been saying much the same for the past few years. We cannot get our granddaughter to go to church because she views even the church as a place of hypocrites. And for those who feel that the article unfairly picks on all Christians, he does point out that there are some who do what is expected of those who follow Christ. The problem is that there are too many who don't and the good ones get lost in the weeds. If we don't speak out and call people to task, then we will have failed to do what we have been called to do.


07/17/2008 01:39:29 AM

I like the article but must also agree with many of the posters, it should have read “Why some Christians suck”. Honestly, not all do but imo, there are those specific Christian sects that do and he lists the points they always harp on. For some Christians, I’ve never seen the spirit of Jesus in them, either by their words or their actions. As a non-Christian, I’m glad to see that someone has finally addressed this. In my circles, this is a common question asked. From my perspective, some of the words and actions that are attributed to Jesus are quite beautiful. There are many lessons that people of all religions could learn. Now the interesting part of this article will be to see how many Christians actually follow through. No, I don’t mean all, just a few specific sects as I’ve always wondered what was more important to them, Jesus or power & control.


07/16/2008 09:11:45 PM

Why Christians S**k should be retitled Why some Christians S**k. Tom essentially whitewashes all Christians including myself when he doesn't even know me. Tom you don't know what I have done in the Lord's name therefore I suggest that you take care when criticizing people. You may criticize wrongly and that essentially is a false accusation which I equate with a lie (if an unintended lie). So Tom, clear out your own house before you criticize others. Some Christians are hypocrites but not all of them are.


07/16/2008 08:33:03 PM

Ah, Tom Davis, I love you! Thank you for saying what needed to be said! Christians in the "developed countries" are hypocrites. When was the last time a "Christian" did anything Jesus taught unless they looked good doing it. Picket lines for the 5 o'clock news cameras isn't being Christ-like. Nor does it feed the hungry.


07/16/2008 07:30:04 PM

I think the article Christians S**K is mistaken.There is actually lots of research that says Conservative Christians in the country give far and away more than secular people (see "Who Really Cares" by Brooks). is it enough? Probably not. Is it ever enough? But a more balanced article would have been nice. Perhaps...we do a lot but could do more, would have been more accurate.