A New Opportunity for Mormonism?

Richard J. Mouw, a prominent evangelical, offers a 'friendly suggestion' to Mormons about explaining their faith.


10/09/2010 03:17:34 PM

I am LDS. I have always enjoyed discussing religion with friends and co-workers. I enjoy hearing their beliefs as well as explaining my own. I feel that all I need to do to share my faith with others is to make clear where our beliefs differ. After that it is up to them and the holy spirit. I have a friend who used to talk with 5 or 6 of us Catholic, Jew, Protestants and me at lunch on religion. She read a couple of anti-Mormon book and now she won't join in if I am there. She has told the others what we "really" believe. I miss her, she was a friend.


04/07/2010 06:53:58 PM

I will tell you what I think the article has a lot of truth to it; many people assume that Mormonism is a cult; don't know that I would call it a cult. I could to some degree tell someone what Mormons believe. The author make assumption you don't know; well I do know. I was baptized into the Mormon church I know. Have not really gone for years but minor detail I know. Truth is for years I was not sure one way or the other should not been baptized but I was. I felt pressured into it. IF I say the Mormons believe such and such they do; so that is not false witness, not every non Mormon testimony about the Mormons is false and I am mildly offended that they implied I make things up about a church I was baptized into.