The Return of Jesus 'Could Be Any Time'

As their 'Left Behind' series comes to a close, co-authors Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins look forward to the end--of all time.

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And we see this dichotomy today in struggling between the origins. Did man just originate spontaneously through evolution? It's always interesting to me that atheists who can't believe in God can believe in anything else. They believe in evolution, and evolution is the biggest fairy tale in our past two centuries. And yet, there are millions of intelligent, well-educated people who believe it because they just don't want to believe that there is a God.

What they don't realize is they don't want to have to give accountability to God.

In what ways does believing in evolution mean you don't want to be accountable to God?


Because you exist without any relationship to God. We who believe in the Creator, we believe that God created man in His own image, and he is to be responsible to God for his behavior. And they believe that you're just an animal. You're just like the animals. You just pop up from the slime pits, you know? And they want us to believe the fairy tale that something happened in the ooze of the past millions of years, that the sun came in at the right time and lightning struck, and something happened that has never been replicated in the greatest scientific laboratories today, and that caused life. And that leaves man unfettered.

One other reason I think the atheistic books are very prevalent in America is because, for 50 years, we've expelled God from the public school. We've expelled Him from many of our places. The ACLU and other anti-God agencies have tried to eliminate God from our public square. And so people are interested in reading from people like that to support their beliefs.



I've read these books by the atheists. I find myself respecting an agnostic more than an atheist. An agnostic at least is honestly looking and seeking and trying to figure it out. And when they say to me, "Is it possible there's no God," and I say, "Well, anything's possible, but I don't see evidence that there's no God." I see all this evidence that there is a God. An atheist has decided to ignore all the evidence that there's a God and, in my mind, takes a bigger leap of faith than I ever took to believe in God to say there is no God. To me, it's the height of folly to decide there is no God. And if there isn't, then what are they fighting against?

Jerry, could you talk a little about the Jews, Muslims and other non-Christian characters in the series and how things turn out for them in the book?

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