The Return of Jesus 'Could Be Any Time'

As their 'Left Behind' series comes to a close, co-authors Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins look forward to the end--of all time.

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That's just one of the many fulfillments. Of course the stellar sign is Israel getting back in the land, and then the enemies of Israel are their neighbors, [which] are mentioned in the Bible as trying to destroy them in the End Times.

Parts of the new novel, "Kingdom Come," indicate that Lucifer's team, the Other Light, will play on the intellect of young people to try and win them to Lucifer. Do you think that reason can be dangerous in this sense?


Yes, reason without God. You show me two people with brilliant minds. If one believes in God and has a respect for almighty God, he can be like a Louis Pasteur or a Sir Isaac Newton or one of the many Christians who were scientists and contributed greatly to the well being of the world. Or, they can be like Karl Marx or Sigmund Freud or many of the others who hated God or were ambivalent about God, just had no time for Him or His word, and they went their own way.

We're living in a society where you have the wisdom of men on one hand and the wisdom of God on the other. Bible-free reasoning is going to lead you to one decision, [and] a Satan-filled [mind] or an empty vacuum is going to be contrary to that.


Even somebody like Hitler was known as a brilliant mind. He was a student of human nature. He knew how to play on the minds of people and their emotions. He was a brilliant tactician and a great politician. At some point he was the most popular politician in history, but clearly an evil mind.


I don't think we want to fear knowledge or fear insight, but the New Testament [says] to beware philosophy and vain deceit. You can question everything. You can question things so far that you never decide on anything. But, like Dr. LaHaye says, if you have the mind of Christ, then your intellect can be used for noble pursuits.

There's been a great interest in books by atheists today. What do you make of people being interested in these books about atheism by atheists?


An atheist is going to look for someone who is going to fortify his atheism and give him the excuse to believe in his atheism. And so, they have found that the printed page is a welcome tool to get into the minds of other people and say, "There is no God," whereas we come along and say, "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth."

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