Who's Who in Pentecostalism

The preachers, teachers, and healers through whom the Spirit moves.

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Jack Hayford, The Church on the Way

Jack Hayford is senior pastor of The Church on the Way in Van Nuys, California, and the Chancellor of King’s College and Seminary.

Christianity Today

recently named Hayford the "Pentecostal Gold Standard" because of his reputation for clear theology and his efforts to unite Pentecostalism with mainstream evangelicalism.

Benny Hinn, Benny Hinn Ministries


Benny Hinn's television program "This Is Your Day" is one of TBN’s most popular shows. His globetrotting "Miracle Crusades," where Hinn preaches about God’s healing power and lays hands on people asking for physical miracles, pack stadiums throughout the world. The

Los Angeles Times

has called him the most successful faith healer working today.

T.D. Jakes, Potter’s House
In 2001, Time named T.D. Jakes America’s Best Pastor. Jakes began as a part-time minister, speaking at any Pentecostal service he could find while digging ditches to support his family. Today, Jakes’ Potter’s House, a Dallas-based megachurch, is home to 30,000 members. His messages of personal empowerment through Jesus have made him both a household name among evangelicals and a highly regarded mentor for celebrities (such as Deion Sanders) and politicians (such as presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush).

Joyce Meyer, Joyce Meyer Ministries
Joyce Meyer's no-nonsense preaching style has made her radio and television programs an international hit, and her self-improvement books have reached the New York Times bestseller list. Meyer encourages believers to have faith that God will improve their physical health and financial situations. Her ministry also provides humanitarian aid to groups overseas.

Joel Osteen, Lakewood Church
Joel Osteen took the helm of Lakewood Church in Houston after his father John passed away in 1999. His message of optimism and faith empowerment have helped transform Lakewood into the nation’s largest church, housed in the former Compaq Center sports arena. Osteen’s book "Your Best Life Now" was a #1 New York Times bestseller, and his church services are broadcast to 200 million homes in the United States alone.

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