Who's Who in Pentecostalism

The preachers, teachers, and healers through whom the Spirit moves.


11/11/2006 06:00:35 PM

I have to agree with impossibleape. I too was involved with the faith movement & worked even for one. I am mentally ill, being diagnosed as a Bi-Polar I. The faith movement doesn't acknowledge it. They think mental illness isn't real, the medications are a crutch for people who didn't want to deal with reality, & what they really need is an exorcism! And yes, there are charlatans, but I've seen the devoted people who work for them. The ones who are in the background, poorly paid & not treated very well. They pray for the people writing in, even weeping over their letters. They are forced to send form letters to send money for "solving" their problems. Writing anything else is against "policy". I have walked away from the faith movement. I have joined a more "mainline" denominational church. Keep going impossibleape & to paraphrase Paul, keep up the good fight for you will be rewarded in the end.


11/05/2006 08:01:14 AM

maybe its time evangelicals accepted gay pastors. Haggard is a good church builder.


04/20/2006 05:26:22 PM

I cherish fond memories of Pentecostals from my student days. It is a great pity that their minds are not as open as their hearts.


04/20/2006 10:19:22 AM

I have a remarkable heritage in the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada from my remarkable mother. I have stayed in charismatic circles since I became a Christian over 25 years ago but I am so very, very uncomfortable here. I have 2 children with a disabling condition and the faith movement is more of a condemnation than a blessing for those who don't get the promised miracles. I have started a ministry in our Pentecostal Church to help make people with disabilities feel accepted and appreciated. But it is a hard road. We have been kept at arms length, perhaps because of the hurt in me that is just beneath the surface from years of listening to such charlatans as Benny Hinn, Richard Roberts, Kenneth Copeland, John Hagge and the Crouches. And hosts of others who are making merchandise of the hurting and disabled people of God.


04/20/2006 09:24:34 AM

We sometimes forget those humble Pastors who give so much in there community. Our Pentecostal church in Bardstown,Ky, Souls' Harbor is a Bible based church, of good moral character, Our Pastor Dave Conway can stand among these Pillars also, As I am sure others could speak the same about their Pastors. Camry1


04/19/2006 12:28:45 PM

You forgot to include the Wittenberg Door - a sort of bi-monthly Christian Humor magazine that takes great delight in lobbing darts toward the inflated evangelists. They may not be as famous, but they offer a god/good-hearted corrective effort to theology run-a-muck. And they do not overdo the eye makeup!