Of Tithing and Taxes

A tax break is one of the many benefits of a tithing discipline.


04/20/2006 10:20:36 PM

one more thing Lauren, is this the only time you are glad that you tithe?


04/20/2006 10:18:38 PM

the tithing deduction is only beneficial to those who itemize which is increasingly not the best way unless you are cheating on your taxes or you make so mauch money and have so many allowed expenses, something most of us in small town america don't qualilfy. This sounds like an article(propaganda) written for the benefeciaries(receivers) of those tithes. I also agree that to tithe to receive a tax break is totally missing the point


04/20/2006 08:47:10 AM

I believe that if we tithe with the thought in mind that we have a tax break it destroys the entire message from God about tithing. It should be done from the heart and with love without any ulterior motive. The scriptures tell us to give freely and it will be given back to us. I believe that message. I believe if we tithe faithfully He will continue to bless us. You can not tithe unwillingly and have it work for you. It must be done freely in love. I believe when you have God in your heart there is a willingness to give in all ways.


04/17/2006 08:21:40 PM

"When we fail to tithe.we rob God." Or at least some preacher's life is a little harder.


04/17/2006 07:22:48 PM

When we fail to tithe.we rob God. Malachi3:8-10. we can never outgive the Lord. He abundantly blesses our giving by pouring out An abundance of unlimited blessings.10% is not to much to Ask of Anyone.try tithing the 90%sometime and keeping only 10% for yourself.It will be than you see how trivial and unimportant the 10% request really is.


04/17/2006 06:33:36 PM

Good for you, Neon. There's some meat to this article, though you have to read through to the end to find it. I'd argue real giving is giving to charities you don't expect to benefit from (except for the joy of having given). “Giving” to one's church is (in many cases) just buying whatever benefits you get or expect to get from participating in the church.


04/17/2006 02:52:47 PM

i dont like the title to this. i didnt claim my charitable giving, b/c to me it cancels out the goodness of the giving. it's like saying "look at me! give me a break since i gave!" giving is SUPPOSED to be a sacrifice. i'm sorry if that offends someone, but it offends me that you would give with the hope of getting, instead of doing so out of the goodness of your heart.