Resting in God: Guided Audio Meditations

Relax and focus on God using two guided imagery meditations based on scripture.


08/28/2011 04:28:39 PM

Meditation&Faith are the key to living a successful life,regardless of the challenges&adversity you face in life.


08/05/2011 11:26:03 AM

When you know you can't do anything great or meaningful without God you are living humble through faith and walking in the spirit. I pray daily to do his work by his power to bless others. Read Prayer of Jabez


11/09/2010 08:13:02 AM

Hi sweet brothers and sisters. Yesterday, I was able to chat on line with Shawna and it was magnificent :) Shawna's prayer for me and my son was dead on and even though I'm on shaky ground and sometimes falter with my flesh rather than allowing God's will, Shawna said a prayer that gave me hope and would only say to you all don't give up on hope and "Love" is the greatest gift we give to family, family of friends, and our brothers and sisters in Christ. Peace be with you all and lets pray for peace here on earth and give our Lord back a awesome world that He would be proud of and we will achieve this one pray and step at a time. :)


12/30/2008 03:10:52 PM

This is exactly how my brain works. Despite my inablitiies I ask god to guide me on this project that I am would love to do and enjoy putting my love which is of his love through me into this gift to sell or create to and include a free gift with it. this reminds me of the verse "give and thy shall receive" And there's times he has blessed me in other ways and I give in his name.