The Story of the Resurrection

Excerpted from the Revised Standard Version of the Bible


03/22/2010 10:13:14 AM

Mary cried, as she thought he was lost. She was without understanding. She cried as she wanted a world with more as him. She cried her tears for her self, as she was doubtful, and did not understand the good purpose of her doubt. Nothing was lost. As with John 3, and Genesis 3. It is by understanding of who and what we are. Faith is not blind, yet it loves the blind as one that sees. Fear arises for a good reason. Doubt arises for a good reason. It is the understandings of these trees of knowledge that allows one to be free. As a child will say they did wrong "because" and those causes are their reasons, and even those causes have reasons that could explained by "because." We all have reasons, and these are often why our intentions and seeds do not flourish. Our minds are as trees. Trees of knowledge. Trees that lead to sorrow, and joy. Trees that sprout from the seed of our soul. For as a mustard seed blows in the wind, neither knowing where to plant, or where it will prosper, it grows. It seeks the light! We come into this world joyful, and happy as children. We giggle, we laugh, we look at the world as vast and colorful. Yet our trees of knowledge work against many of us. Thus, be free! Repent, and become as little children that know good and evil! Uplift your causes, and become nourishing and wholesome! By your own will, and choice, you have taken your value, and overvalued others. As those that judge us, and point out our stumbles. We have carried their judgements and they spread. Be free without worry, for worry also has a good purpose. Be! With love