Homosexuality: Rebellion Against God

A scholar of Paul explains how the great Apostle understood--and decried--homosexuality.


12/01/2008 09:14:18 AM

As a student I can appreciate the critical nature of this piece on the Bible. However, it doesn't appear to offer a solution or conclusion so much as food for thought. Maybe Hays wrote this as a way to tell us that homosexuality will eternally be at odds with the words offered in the Bible? Regardless of the statements of the other contributors, as Christians we should always return to the life of Jesus. This man who was accommodating, loving and not in any way exclusive of others. If the last shall be first, than putting someone behind you for any reason will put them before you in the kingdom of God.


03/17/2006 07:27:16 PM

After reading the Bishop's views on Paul as being possibly gay, I think I agree with his hypothesis. An affliction of the flesh. Homosexuality is from the inside. It isn't something that is adopted or forced on anyone. People are born homosexual. I am very much for gay marriage, gay adoption, etc. Mrs Baker is right. Religion takes on too much. God is much more than that, and I believe beyond even our own ability to have compassion for all. He/She made us in his/her image after all!


04/06/2004 04:26:20 PM

I believe the bible is an expression of a human viewpoint and not God's. God is not as narrow minded as humans. Humans have been using fear as a control method to get people to do as they say. It is time to put a stop to the senseless ignorance and prejugdice of people against homosexuality especially in prohibiting gay marriages. The bible has been used as a weapon long enough. Mrs. Baker North Carolina


04/05/2004 11:15:41 PM

I truely believe in my heart if one is born gay and act on how can he or she sin. I can not see it and nor can I believe in a God who hate gays. We are all God's children and I believe need same right for all. I am for gay marriage if for right reason. I think so str& couple should not marirred either. Danny