Archbishop Faces Excommunication After Marrying

The married Zambian clergy member says that possibly being ousted from the Church 'doesn't affect' him.

BY: Benedicta Cipolla and Peggy Polk


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The centerpiece of Moon's religious movement, the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, formerly known as the Unification Church, focuses on creating the kingdom of God on earth by strengthening the family.

Critics of Moon have called his movement a cult, accusing him of deceptive recruitment tactics. Moon served about a year in prison in the 1980s for tax evasion. The Vatican considers the church an anti-Christian sect.

Several participants in the ceremony expressed support for Archbishop Milingo, who received a standing ovation at a post-wedding banquet featuring shrimp and filet mignon.

Archbishop George A. Stallings Jr., a former Catholic priest excommunicated in 1990 after forming the separatist African-American Catholic Congregation and who was also married by Moon on Sunday, praise Milingo for "taking such a bold stand."

Stallings, however, also faces criticism from members of his Afrocentric church over his marriage to a Japanese woman at the group wedding in New York and his implied slight of African-American women in a newspaper interview.

But he said his relationship with his new wife would "further the cause of the African-American community because it will explain its strength to other communities."

Also attending the ceremony was Minister Benjamin Muhammad, the national director of the Million Man and Million Family Marches and a representative of the Nation of Islam, led by Louis Farrakhan.

The Rev. Phillip Schanker, a spokesman for the Unification church, said, "it's not surprising that every one of the participants is a controversial figure who's not afraid of speaking out."

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