Lenten Loopholes

In these veggie-friendly times, how can we avoid breaking the spirit of a fast when keeping the letter of the law is so easy?


03/14/2001 01:14:41 AM

Fasting is the hardest part of Lent for me because of trying to explain the reasoning for it to my children who went from nothing to a very strict way of living. I hope that I don't push them away from the faith because they want to be able to do the same things as their friends in the public schools.


05/18/2000 12:19:15 PM

This article by Kontas is delightful, winsome and full of truths about fasting. "Seabugs" and all - great fun! We've included on our own humble website (articles page) some thoughts on Fasting: www.descentoftheholyspirit.org. We are not Monastics, and fasting can really only be "Holy Spirit directed" with much prayer added to it. With the Prayer of the Heart ongoing, fasting becomes lighter to carry, but even then, corporate prayer for monastics is the life-saver here. The rest of us who have families, work, obligations must fast from "amount" we eat, and ask God's help with all the rest. From one who struggles...


04/23/2000 06:15:26 AM

Fasting shouldn't be a legal obligation but an act of response to God's loving grace.All this hairpulling now makes me laugh because it used to have me torturing myself with guilt and superiority.No the church shouldn't change the fast but it should better educate the faithful and allow them to see the fast as an ideal to strive for not a law to be broken by.


04/21/2000 08:31:24 PM

I find the fast hard enough as it is. if i didnt have seafood i dont know how id survive!!! its so hard to find fasting things to eat that id probably starve if i cut out shrimp and fake meats too.


04/21/2000 08:12:43 PM

this was so funny I laughed till soy milk came out of my nose! lol


04/19/2000 10:47:03 AM

Very well said! Fasting from foods, reading labels, thats the easy part of the fast. The real challenge is fasing from ALL the passions. Sophia