'Between Heaven and Mirth'

Excerpted from his latest book, a Jesuit priest searches for what's funny about faith


02/28/2012 10:53:20 AM

This is good news. I am often inspired by the Jesuits, including the music composed for liturgy and worship. The level of intellectual attainment is inspiring, and a reminder that I am, with all my faults and theological challenges, essentially a Catholic Christian, after all. I could wish that love and joy in the Lord were more prevalent among the ultra-orthodox Ultramontane in today's church. One must remember that websites and posts do not a church make. Neither do political squabbles and infighting. One must take the long view, to survive in a climate of regression and liturgical anomie. If humor can save the day and like love, cover a multitude of sins real or imagined, then I say, GO FOR IT!