07/23/2011 02:48:30 AM

War on moral relativity is a euphemism for no holds bar attack on free society, which appears to be the real objective in their social engineering scheme. Anyone who fails to conform to 'Father knows best' paradigm will be legislated out of citizenship. In defense of marriage I wish someone would rescue America from Vatican politiclergy torments installing thorns in Adam and Eve's bed & putting evil in a man's ear against his wife. Perhaps we should petition the UN for intervention?


01/05/2011 02:58:19 PM

An unfortunate article for 2 reasons: 1) The Pope refuses to acknowledge, much less demonstrate any contirtion for, the pedophilia and other human rights abuses by the Church for which he now speaks. The Right to Life should entitle every individual to be free from abuse by anyone. Persons who are abused by their "shepherds" bear scars for life. Some despair and end their lives. The victims' misery deeply diminshes the lives of those who love and try to support them. 2) The linkage with American elections is inappropriate. The majority of the men who signed the Declaration of Independence were secularists. Period. Dean Fournier embodies the thinking which made it so difficult for John Fitzgerald Kennedy to become our President.


12/25/2010 10:41:40 AM

beliefnet needs no belief when it uses the paper pope and the accumulated relativistic doctrine of the Catholic Church. Belief is by its nature subjective and hence relativistic. If you really are sincere about God then get rid of your commercial "daily deal" and "shopping" tabs. It seems that most Catholic sites are flooded with cheap, hardly Christian commercialism. Wiki serves, why cant you. Someone who found the only Christian choice beside Catholic on your questionnaire about belief Arrogant. Last post for me


12/18/2010 05:43:39 PM

Well said, doody. I converted to Catholicism with Vatican II. The idea of "Right to (good quality) Life" being applied universally struck home. It applies to the unborn, to the poor, the sick, the elderly - everyone! The right of every unborn child to be born does not end there. We are obligated to do all we can to insure that every person has food, shelter, health care, meaningful work, a sense of being needed, and a knowledge that someone cares. You cannot pick and choose. Jesus didn't. He chose all of us. Thank God.


11/04/2010 01:19:40 PM

I am a Catholic but totally opposed to the path Ratzinger is taking us. Notice how he talks about the "winds of doctrine" never mentioning the legalist authoritarianism he imposes. He casts relativism as an unthinking, selfish and immoral. He is a brilliant man so I'm sure he knows that relativism always creates a personal struggle to find what within one's conscience is the right path while authoritarianism only requires the follower to check the guide book for the answer. I urge Beliefnet to publish more European/American voices critical of this sharp drift from Vatican II--PLease. doody