Pope Benedict XVI: The U.S. Visit

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Papal coverage from WTTG-FOX 5 and myfoxdc.com in Washington D.C. and WNYW and myfoxny.com in New York City.

Who Is Benedict?

Who Is This 'Puzzling Pope?'

Six things you didn't know about Benedict XVI.

Benedict XVI: His Life in Pictures

Photos of his journey to the papacy.

Quiz: How much do you know about
Pope Benedict XVI?

Test your knowledge of everything from his Encyclicals to his favorite soft drink.

'Are Non-Christians Saved?'

A sermon given by Joseph Ratzinger before he became pope.

What's in a Name?

A look at the 15 Benedicts who preceded the current pope.

His First Encyclical: God Is Love

His Second Encyclical: Saved by Hope

The Papacy

Your Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about the Church, its history, and hierarchy.

Photo Gallery: Popes on the Road

See how and where the popes traveled.

Photo Gallery: Getting Kitschy

Have you seen pope on a rope soap? Click through our gallery to see other fun and irreverent memorabilia.

Quiz: How much do you know about Pope Benedict's predecessor, John Paul II?


What is the most important topic Pope Benedict should address during his U.S. visit?
Interfaith dialogue
The role of women in the Church
The sexual abuse crisis
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Snapshot of U.S. Catholics

As part of Beliefnet's coverage of Pope Benedict's visit to America, we conducted a survey of Catholics in the U.S.

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Prayers & Devotions

Pray for the Pope

Share your thoughts and blessings for the pope.

Pray with the Pope

Pray along with Pope Benedict's prayer intentions.

Listen to the Lectionary

Hear each day's reading in this exclusive feed from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.


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