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  • The Heroic Papacy By George Weigel
  • John Paul II centralized and transformed the church itself. By David Gibson
  • U.S. Catholics loved the pope but often ignored his teachings.

  • Why evangelicals responded to him. By David Kuo

  • He emphasized women's separate role

  • A Hero for Jews By Rabbi David Rosen
  • His recognition of Jewish suffering transformed Jewish-Catholic relations. By David Klinghoffer

  • He healed age-old wounds between Islam and Christianity. By Akbar S. Ahmed

    "Be not afraid," said the Holy Father. We stopped being afraid--and brought down Communism. By Lech Walesa

  • John Paul II was a brave, holy man. But his authoritarian style polarized the Church. By Fr. Andrew Greeley
  • Papal biographer Tad Szulc believed he inspired millions but alienated many.
  • The pope who loved too much. By Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

    HIS PAPACY: Timeline | Milestones | Trips

  • From Mourning to Conclave: The schedule of events
  • Q&A on Selecting the Next Pope

    The Contenders
    Conservative or liberal? European or Third World? What the cardinals will consider when choosing the next pope. By David Gibson

    The World Weighs In
    Newspapers of Brazil, Mexico, and Africa cheer on their papabile.

    Top 17 Possible Successors

    The Next Pope and the Third World

    The Pope the Jews Need
    While some Jewish leaders want the next pope to pity the Jews, what we need is a partner against secularism. By David Klinghoffer

  • Virtual Conclave: Prominent Catholics and non-Catholics debate who should lead the church
  • Your Choice: Beliefnet members cast votes in an online discussion group

  • Poll: Who would you vote for?

  • As the world mourns Pope John Paul II and watches the selection of the next pope, Beliefnet's correspondent
    Paul Wilkes reports on the momentous events in Rome.

    The New Pope's First Crisis
    The priest shortage and its surprisingly simple solution: allow marriage as an option for priests.
    By Deborah Caldwell

    Choosing a Pope for a Global Church
    The next pope will face massive challenges, from relating to other faiths to third-world poverty to women's roles--a tall order.
    By Deborah Caldwell

    Beliefnet Reader Survey Results
  • Readers Say Yes to Married Priests-No to Ordaining Women
  • Charts: Opinions on Pope John Paul II, Birth Control, and More
  • Visions of the Ideal Pope: Survey respondents share their views.

  • Maps: Compare 1950 to 2000
  • Chart: World Catholic Population By Continent

  • A Great Christian Witness
    He truly believed that Jesus Christ is the answer to the question that is every human life. By George Weigel

    John Paul II's Biblical Vision
    By Scott Hahn

    Prayers of John Paul II

    Audio: "It Is He, Jesus Christ"
    Hear John Paul II speak in this one-minute audio clip (courtesy EWTN; free RealPlayer required).

    Audio: "The Source of My Vocation"
    An actor reads from the pope's book "Rise, Let Us Be on Our Way" (courtesy Audible.com; Windows Media Player required)

    Why Pray?
    The pope's reflection on why prayer is necessary to Christian life.

    Q&A: Understanding John Paul II's Theology
    Related link: Papal Encyclicals

    The Pope's "Theology of the Body"
    John Paul II's statements on sexual love

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  • A U.S. Pope?
  • Women Priests
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  • Online Memorial: Post your prayers for the pope

  • Light a virtual candle for the pope

  • What inspired you most about Pope John Paul II?

  • What kind of pope does the world need now?

  • Special discussion forum: The Papacy

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