Live Chat with LA Cardinal Roger Mahony

Transcript of Beliefnet's February 20 online chat with the leader of America's largest Catholic diocese.

On Friday, February 20, 2004, Beliefnet hosted an online chat in conjunction with Chatting from the floor of the Religious Education Congress in Anaheim, California, Cardinal Roger Mahony talked about topics as diverse as cloning, his city's new cathedral, and Mel Gibson's movie "The Passion of the Christ."

Welcome to Beliefnet's online chat with Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony, leader of America's largest Catholic diocese. Cardinal Mahony is speaking with us from the floor of the Religious Education Congress in Anaheim, Calif.

Good morning, everyone!

Here's a question from user "Noel": I am currently in the MAPM program at St. John's and am looking forward to helping the people of God in my parish at St. Raphael's. Where do you see the role of Pastoral Associates in the next 5 years? Are the pastors ready for this role in their parishes?

Pastoral Associates are very important to the life of a parish, since they are prepared to deal with every kind of pastoral issue, question, or problem that arises in a parish.As with anything, some pastors are more ready than others--but watch for increasing receptivity.


Victoria: I am very impressed with your initiative of "Whole Community Catechesis". How do you see it unfolding with regard to roles of DRE/CRE? Are you fearful that, in abandoning the schoolroom model, we will create yet another generation with no doctrine to back up their Faith?

Actually, Whole Community Catechesis will deepen faith life--right now, parents just drop the kids off at Church, and leave. With their personal involvement in the process, that helps everyone know and pass on their faith.

That means they should take advantage of adult education programs at their parishes, right?

Yes, and after the Synod, there will be many more adult education programs all around the Archdiocese.

Rey: Since statistics from the Catholic church show that Hispanics are now the majority of the faithful in many dioceses across the U.S. -- and will be the majority of the faithful in the near future -- what is the church doing to respond to this tremendous pastoral need that is now amongst us all?

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