Insider's Guide to the Catholic Bishops' Conference

Understanding the bishops' meeting and their new charter on sex abuse.

After two days marked by extraordinary speeches and fierce debate, the U.S. Catholic bishops approved a tougher policy on clergy sexual abuse (

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). The bishops voted overwhelmingly to forbid pedophile priests from ever again acting as clerics, but stopped short of expelling them from the priesthood. While some welcome the new Charter as a "compassionate compromise," critics say the policy doesn't go far enough.

Plan Draws Fire From Victims' Groups Read the Full Charter

Deborah Caldwell's on-scene diary: The bishops didn't get it before. Do they now?

Overview "Deep Scars on My Soul": Victims Speak "We Have Failed": Wilton Gregory
"The Arrogance of Power": Scott Appleby

On-scene diary: "Angry, slit-eyed and still..."

The Issues
Zero Tolerance Lay Participation Prevention Ministry to Victims Full Disclosure Victims' Hearing
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