Catholic Church in Crisis

News coverage and Beliefnet articles on the clergy sexual abuse scandals rocking America's Catholic Church.

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Defining "Spiritual Scandal"

176 Priests Removed in 28 States
(April 26)

Cardinal Law Opposes Formation of Parish Groups

Female Victims Often Overlooked
Experts believe troubled priests and other clergy are more likely to abuse females.

Complete Boston Globe Coverage

News Roundup by

What Happened at the Bishops' November 2002 Meeting in Washington, D.C.?

Forgiving Abusive Priests: Bishops, Victims, and Laypeople Respond
Bishop after bishop wrestled with questions of forgiveness and accountability. There was even a mention of purgatory.

Fuzzy Language
The bishops vote on confusing changes made earlier this month to their policy, adopted in June, dealing with clergy sex abuse.

What Happened at the Bishops' June 2002 Meeting in Dallas?

The Issues: Zero tolerance, lay involvement, reporting abusers to the police, more

The Decision: All abusers booted out of public ministry, but not necessarily out of the priesthood (AP)

The Victims: Speeches by men and women abused by priests

Reporter's Weblog: Thursday, June 13 and Friday, June 14

What's Happening in Other Countries?

August 2002: Catholic Abuse Crisis Deepens in Australia

Summer 2002: Australian Catholic Archbishops Apologize to Sex Abuse Victims

Spring 2002: Catholic Crisis Spreads Abroad

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