The Roman Catholic Church's Official Teaching on Homosexuality

Excerpted from the Catechism of the Catholic Church.


05/26/2009 05:20:51 PM

An April 2004 British Medical Journal editorial states the following: “In spite of every mental health and medical association in the U.S. stating unequivocally that there is no scientific evidence that homosexuality is a disorder, many religious organizations continue to declare homosexuality or homosexual behavior as sinful and immoral. This creates spiritual crises for many people who have grown up within anti-homosexual religious families and communities.” When can we expect the Roman Catholic Church to align its teachings with the overwhelming scientific consensus about homosexuality? The Church forfeits its credibility on this issue when it declares homosexuality to be "intrinsically disordered." There is already a huge debit of credibility following the Pope's pronouncement about condom use in Africa. These disconnects from reality can only go on for so long before the Church will become a repository for uneducated people who only approve of scientific research when it confirms their preconceptions.


07/19/2006 09:43:28 AM

Why are other "sinners" allowed to get married, MTC?


06/30/2006 07:34:17 PM

Why do so many of us get all upset about homosexuality but we don't seem to object to a culture full of heterosexual immorality? I didn't join the Catholic church till I was past 40, partly because of the demand on church members to only have sex within marriage. I may never get around to marrying, so I had to accept that I may never have sex again. And I'm straight. How is a lesbian or a gay man's situation vis a vis the Church any different from mine?


06/15/2006 02:00:15 PM

MTC said: "Homosexuality is instrinsically a sin." That would be 'in your opinion'. "It cannot be justified in theological terms and it cannot be reconciled with Christianity." Funny how so many Christian (and non-Christian, for that matter) faiths have not only justified their belief in theological terms, they've also reconciled their beliefs in Scripture AND have reconciled with the people most harmed by your particular version of Chistianity. Face it, the Christian Church does NOT speak with one voice on the matter. Committed, loving, consenting, adult same-sex relationships are in no place condemned in Scripture. At least the parts of the Scriptures we ahve left to us by you know who.


12/05/2005 04:15:26 PM

The Vatican document is well writen and stands as a testimony to truth. The Catholic church is doing what needs to be done. Repentance is still the key is it not? Secularists can redefine truth anyway they want to but those that trust the word of God cannot. The Vatican has the support it needs from the word of God. How have they erred in this doctrine?


11/30/2005 03:20:00 PM

"It seems quite clear that they are using Biblically sound methods to determine the outcome of this issue." Actually, it's very far from clear. That's why there's so much discussion.


11/29/2005 03:47:55 PM

The vatican should be allowed to decide how to define its own doctrine. It seems quite clear that they are using Biblically sound methods to determine the outcome of this issue.


10/05/2005 04:37:08 PM

Science is hardly perfect, and least of all when it comes to matters of psychological/mental health. Homosexuality is instrinsically a sin. It cannot be justified in theological terms and it cannot be reconciled with Christianity. Tests as to the origin of homosexual tendencies are, ultimately, irrelevant, at least they are for the believer. The only evaluation needed is that which Scripture provides in condemning it as a sin.


10/04/2005 04:46:07 PM

wardeacon, Robinson didn't all of a sudden one day "decide" to be gay. He finally found the courage to admit what he always has been - publicly. As for the "Thousands who have changed" - we continually challenge you to name but ONE, and no one ever has. Speaking of fantasies...


10/03/2005 12:31:11 PM

kingdrama, Can you give some support to your claim that there is no scientific evidence for homosexuality being genetic? And by support I mean you need to refute the studies that have shown precisely that. Or are you just spouting the nonsense that Exodus "zero-success rate" Ministries tells you?


09/27/2005 04:35:57 PM

Re: "A man cannot 'perform' sexually if his mind and body aren't into it" All it takes is a few hormones to 'perform'. Many male (and female) rape victims have had their sense of shame and self-worth destroyed not only by the experience of the rape, but also by their bodily reaction to it. Women who experienced orgasm or men who experienced erections have had to deal with horrendous feelings of self-blame as a result. "Performing", even under conditions of extreme duress, is not at all impossible, or even rare.


09/27/2005 04:31:05 PM

"Thousands who have changed"? Where are these "thousands"? They certainly haven't appeared in any independent study of so-called "reorientation therapy". Where do your statistics come from? Where is the independent verification?


09/25/2005 01:23:52 AM

warddeacon - I agree with you. The fact is that there is no scientific evidence that HS is genetic. Thousands who have changed are living proof that this idea is a fantasy. The board that decides what is and is not a psychiatric disorder for the DSM(Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders)back in the early seventies decided to remove HS as a disorder solely on the basis of pressure from gay activists. Again- no scientific basis. If any want more info go the the websites of Exodus International and NARTH


09/22/2005 07:52:06 PM

Are there really such people who are homosexuals who do not choose to be homosexual?? I wish someone could explain the Episcopal Bishop Robinson case. He was married and had a family. Now a man cannot "perform" sexually if his mind and body aren't into it. He can't "fake it" as a woman can. Then one day this clearly sexually functional man decides he is homosexual. But how can he be a genuinely genetic or deeply psychological homosexual? It doesn't seem to make any sense except to say he chose to live the homosexual lifestyle which the Bible and 2,000 years of moral tradition consider sinful and bad for society as well as the individual doing it.


09/22/2005 07:14:59 PM

There are seven abominations scripture has this in several places look it up see what is included in this list. There are those who say okay here is another sin, and see we are no longer stoning adultry, and we do not even want to see the ten commandments. Some even say the bible condones slavery I do not read this in the verses that discuss this issue, is it confirmed in two or more places. So lets condone more sin, thats the solution right.


04/22/2005 09:49:52 PM

Homosexual persons are called to chastity. By the virtues of self-mastery that teach them inner freedom, Isn't there a flaw in the basis of this statement,it assumes that there is a genetic reason for being gay. Not that I'm complaining


12/04/2003 11:02:41 AM

Homosexuality is a "sin" and perverted only if you believe it is. If you only look to selected Bible verses for your morality then you might forget how to use your reason and sense of fairness. You can find Bible verses that encourage slavery and the stoning to death of women (not men) for adultry. These are just a few of the behaviors encouraged in the Bible that we no longer follow because they no longer make sense in our society. Using reason and a sense of fairness, why condemn a whole group of people for being who they are and loving in ways that are different from the majority? Homosexuals are just asking to have their loving, committed relationships accepted as loving and committed. That really takes nothing away from the rest of us and only adds to society. We can't have too many loving, committed relationships.


06/24/2002 11:57:44 PM

The Catholic Church is "intrinsically disordered." Homosexuality is normal for a homosexual; it is not normal for a hetero. It shouldn't take many years to understand that simple concept.


06/05/2002 08:29:01 PM

It took many years to understand that pedophilia was incurable. Likewise I suspect with homosexuality, the ability to restrain one's perveted sexual desires may be as hard as it is for the pedo to leave children alone. Tim


04/24/2002 05:37:00 PM

dbible, i look to science often like you do, but if scripture teaches something is wrong then it is wrong. no question. it is our authority


04/23/2002 06:37:15 PM

As long as one can do a computer search of science publications studying the demonstrated homosexuality in animals other than Homo sapiens, I will have a hard time agreeing with the point of view that homosexuality is contrary to the natural law or that homosexual acts are deprave of disordered. Homosexuality is a trait found throughout the animal kingdom. It is not good or bad. It simply is.


04/23/2002 10:31:07 AM

It is worth noting that no less authoritative a figure than Pope John Paul II himself has declared that "homosexuals are called to celibacy". Sounds like a recruiting slogan for the priesthood to me! And if it results in a skewed demographic then maybe he should think about what he preaches.


04/23/2002 07:04:02 AM

Hello, I just finished reading the article by Ann Wells. In my heart of hearts I feel it is so sad. The Buddha said, "Life is suffering". I think we all can acknowledge that. But do we have to make more suffering when we already suffer? To me I would think that a world would strive for a happier world, a more comfortable world, and a more loving world. To me, I would think that "being happy" would be a way to worship God. No, I am not Christian. I don't think you can teach Love. When I was born I just loved. I have always loved. As I have gotten older that love has reached out to expand and spread to more and more living beings every day. Yet I suffer. Why? Men and Women fear Love. Especially Agape! Which is the divine reverance to God. LVX.93.