'You the One'

I'd passed the homeless addict with a good wish but nothing more. During a sleepless night, I realized something was wrong.


01/19/2008 06:59:59 PM

God is truly amazing! He uses us to reach others in need--what an amazing priveledge. About one week ago, God used me to also reach out to a homeless person. My washing machine broke down, so I went into town to wash some clothes. There was a man standing to the side and I felt compelled to witness to him. He had been praying and reading the bible, he's been struggling with alcoholism.He said he was hit by a car twice and feared for his life. We prayed to Jesus to give him strength in overcoming his addiction.I think I was led there for a reason. Jesus gave up his life for all of us, even those we deem unworthy.


10/27/2001 12:51:10 PM

Because of our faith -- our beliefs -- we become the instruments of the Almighty here on earth. A truly inspiring story. I agree with "vries" that we often miss the calls to compassion and charity. We -- I -- fail to see the face of God in fellow men and women. The Good Samaritan continues to live! I pray I can be counted in his number. Thanks for that modern parable.


09/18/2001 12:25:17 PM

What a truly uplifting story of faith in action, and it illustrates how God uses us to help Him do His work for Him here on earth for our fellow brothers and sisters! We must all open our ears and eyes so when God calls upon us to help Him, we're ready to respond to His call.


09/18/2001 09:11:47 AM

I believe this is a miracle! God working in our lives as long as we answer his call. I wonder how often I missed the call by not listening or just afraid of what was on the other side of the door. Lately, I work hard on not missing on what I am called to do. I believe God will provide me with the answers I need. And, he will give me no more than what I can handle.