How to Practice Lectio Divina

A step-by-step guide to praying the Bible


09/09/2010 10:24:49 PM

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09/09/2010 10:24:48 PM

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07/24/2010 02:25:59 AM

A wonderful post. I like it so much I added it to my website: I am a former religious who left the Church for 25 years (see MY STORY and ongoing JOURNAL on my website). My whole heart and soul are dedicated to a life of prayer and living for God, now. I am so humble and grateful for His great mercy. I follow Mark Mallet's blog and Pelianito's blog, try to pray part of the Liturgy of the Hours daily--a great place to start DIVINA LECTIO, by the way! It was a grace to get this term (DIVINA LECTIO)--which I always called contemplation. It certainly leads me into contemplation--God's gifts being what they are. Isn't it wonderful how God is using the internet to create little communities of devoted Christ-followers, Christians, and Catholics, all over the globe! God bless and shower you with His choicest blessings.


07/24/2010 01:51:47 AM

I truly enjoyed this incite...I have for many years utilized the tools learned in a "breath work course"...this not only helps one "relax" naturally...but in addition one can focus and be open to receiving when used in meditation. sits in a chair, both feet on the floor, arms relaxed, eyes closed and concentrate on a scene, scripture, name etc. that comes to you...mouth closed...breathe in through your nose...hold the breath until you feel your diaphragm expand then slowly release that breath through your mouth (as in air released from a balloon)....amazingly due to our hurried natures/schedules we breathe rapidly and its shallow...not allowing the breath to flow deeply/methodically as we was suggested to practice this for five minutes for anxiety...yet, I have found this tool works when one has become aware of its effectiveness due to practice...when utilized wherever/ just taking in the breath thru the nostrils and making sure the diaphragm is expanded before releasing slowly thru your mouth. The effects when used as a tool to focus on God's word or allowing our minds to be still and seek his presence are (when "breath work" is second nature) amazing and that quiet time for just seeking his touch so fruitful.


05/29/2010 08:50:35 PM

Can I get an AMEN?!!!!! Each of us is a part of the puzzle, a different flavor and when we begin to learn how to LIVE IN GOD, we will begin to understand all of this! It excites me to see these. Only when you have gone past the plagiarized versions of the Bible and recognize the truths can you begin to LIVE and come together. There is the Wise who write this, He has been there and come to this. Then there is the acolyte who understands and is piecing it out as a formula that is correctly ordered and numbered. It answers his heart , yet he must become hopeless and helpless so that God may live in him. Then the radical, who is also right. Jesus is the key, but is this Jesus in the spirit or just his Jesus? They are all the same! Is God a man or a woman? The words God and Bible are adjectives that only describe something. If our creator is everything who can it be?" i am that I AM". We come from unity to disunity so that we may understand unity. Love


03/17/2010 09:58:33 PM

I've been involved with a Bible Study at a fundamentalist church and the leader mentioned something very like lectio divina as a method of meditating on the scriptures. Fr. Dysinger's explanation is excellent. I especially like his description for praying as a group. I will definitely share it with the leader of the Bible Study. She and other members of her church who are in the Bible Study on the Book of Esther have been very open to receiving the addition of the Greek text which isn't contained in their Bibles and I'm sure they'll be interested in this article as well. I'm so glad to have the chance to share with them, overcome misperceptions of my faith, and find common ground.


10/02/2009 12:14:18 PM

I found this to be something that I hadn't heard about before but it is pretty close to my own personal approach to prayer. I think that what Scott who commented before me, may have meant when he said others could learn to practice this method is not exactly understood by some other people here. It doesn't matter what this is called (lectio divina) and it isn't necessary to read the Eucharistic liturgy. Or be a Catholic. Any faith could adapt this basic method of prayer to fit their own beliefs and furthermore they could call it anything that they prefer. There are wonderful traditions and customs in the Catholic faith, as there are in in the Protestant faith. It is unfortunate that so many Christians seem to be defensive when it comes to Catholics.


08/08/2009 03:45:37 PM

Thanks for posting this lesson. More Christians of the West need to become aware of, and practiced in this method. Your Orthodox Friend, Scott DBT Counselor


07/29/2009 11:10:53 AM

Andre_Rieu_fan356; why would you want "other faiths" to use this? other faiths do not know God, Jesus said I am the Door noone comes unto the Father but through me. There is ONE LORD, ONE FAITH, ONE BAPTISM, therefore let us win them of "other faiths" to Christ and then teach them about Lectio Divina. Then their prayers will go much higher than the roof.


03/22/2009 08:10:53 PM

I find it difficult to 'hear" in silence. I have tinnitus, which is a "ringing in the ear," and it distracts from what I try to concentrate on. Therefore, I ALWAYS have the radio on. My form of Lectio Divina is listening to songs, and relating them to something going on in my life at the time. I DO read scripture; but not silently. I suppose I could read quietly at some time; but the tinnitus interferes, and I don't "hear" what I'm reading. It is quite easy for me to relate to Biblical scripture in my daily life. I call it TIMING, and it is inerrant for me. It is not MY timing - but the Lord's. There is ALWAYS something relevant to the scriptures in my life.


12/26/2008 10:36:48 PM

This is a wonderful way to pray. Thank you for the inspirational guidance to deeper meaning in my prayer life.


11/18/2008 04:37:21 PM

Please go to Spirituality & Practice. They have had lessons on Lectio Divina . It is well worth while to offer the amount asked to be a part of their lessons. The latest is with Joan Chittester, O.S.B. As we've heard: Try It! You'll like it!


10/14/2008 05:50:39 PM

This is so cool. I think that lectio divina could be used by other faiths and with books (religious/spiritual or not) other than the Bible. It sounds like a great way of opening oneself up to, and relaxing into, the presence of God (something that I always feel I'm lacking a bit). I felt a little more relaxed just by reading the article.


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