Four Ways to Help Prepare Your Child for First Communion

Talk to them about the Eucharist in ways that relate to their own lives.


05/07/2005 01:22:07 PM

Jesus, Thank you for your great salvation! I praise you for redeeming me from spiritual death.Thank You for giving us your salvation through repenteance,and water baptism in Jesus name. I thank you for the baptism of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tounges! A Heavenly language!Bless my brothers and sisters,as we seek you,reveal yourself to us in new and glorious ways! Help us to love the way you love!


05/05/2005 06:42:15 AM

Today is celebrated as Ascension Thursday in our church. I find it appalling that people seem to find it too difficult to give up one hour our of their week to go to Mass on sundays and the holy days of obligation as they used to be called and there are only 6 of them out of the year. What happened to that commandment, remember the Sabbath and keep it holy. What does people think that means? How do you keep a sabbath holy? Forget about the ten commandments in the courts, lets keep them in our homes!


04/21/2005 06:08:29 AM

Cont'd What ever happened to the commitment made with God at Baptism? When we were children, at we are not "old", it was automatic. No questions werewever asked. We went to Mass and that iwas it. I realize today, there are brokrn homes ans parents who haven't seen enough of their children during the week, however, I was what would be considered a "latch key" kid because both my parents had to work and yet, there was ALWAYS time for the LORD! ALWAYS!


04/21/2005 06:01:02 AM

To Mr.Ghezzi: This is a well explained article. As a DRE, my major concern, because my catechists do an excellent job in preparing and making clear what it is they are receiving. However, I find and well as every DRE has mentioned, it's not the understanding as much as it is getting the children to Mass! In this day and age, it is most difficult for DRE's and Catechist's to teach Religion in general, not to mention if it's a sacramental year. I find myself almost "shaming" the parents into taking their children to Mass. Why have the children go through rigorous classes, if they are not going to experience Jesus up close and personal? It's an epidemic, no kidding. And parents need to learn dropping their children off each week at school, is NOT a substitute for a babysitter or for Mass, for that matter! Any words to a diocese of DRE's that experience the same thing? And by the way in attending Conferences out of my state, I find DRE's with the same frustration.