The Yeses That Come Later in Life

I was 14 when I was confirmed. I knew it was an important decision in my life, but was too young to understand it completely.

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In the sacrament of Confirmation, believers are anointed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit--wisdom, understanding, knowledge, piety, fortitude, counsel, and fear of the Lord--so to be able to continue Jesus' mission on earth. As I understand the sacrament of Confirmation, that one day of anointing--that one day of agreeing to spread God's good news on earth--represents a lifetime of saying yes. The yeses that have come later in life have been just as important--possibly even more important--than the first one, because they were accompanied by a deeper understanding of what saying yes to God entails. I am grateful to the woman in the whirlpool for reminding me that I agreed to be Jesus' advocate in this world fifteen years ago, and that commitment remains today and tomorrow and the next day.

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