The Teaching of Maha Mudra or Non-Dual Bliss in Buddhism

Even though non-duality or maha mudra is not a spiritual practice like prayer or meditation, it is still a path.


10/07/2011 01:34:29 PM

Implicit in this article’s assertion that non-dualistic consciousness is impossible without the guidance of a 'teacher' is the corollary assertion that such has always been the case. Otherwise there would’ve had to have been a time when someone was actually self-taught. Therefore the relevant line of teachers has to be without beginning, and such enlightenment, as well, must have always been the case. Does it goes back to the timelessness before the beginning of time? Methinks, however, that embedded herein is a fallacy, which few seem to notice, and which even fewer seem to ever care to notice. But logic, of course, has little to do with it. Antithetical to the teaching of no self-teaching, I posit the thesis, nonetheless, that the line of its history began with a point of self-teaching anyway. And what inference might I draw from this?