Our Teeth Are the Root of Our Collective Unconscious

Swami Devageet's journey to higher consciousness is told in a heart-warming sincere way-humorous, yet profound-- in his book, Osho, The First Buddha in the Dental Chair: Amusing Anecdotes by His Personal Dentist (Sammasati Publishing).

Be Your Own Light

Listen carefully, and when I have finished you will put it out as a world press release. I followed the pain in my teeth down through the bones of my jaw into the middle of the chest. The pain from the teeth appeared like lines of fire, lines of light leading to a place in the center of my chest. The place in my chest appeared as a ball of light. The ball of light is connected by a river of light to a much vaster light, like a huge sun, outside of the body. That sun is the collective unconscious mind of the whole human race. It seems that our teeth connect each individual to the whole collective unconsciousness of humanity.

I am speaking of the real human collective unconsciousness mind, not the collective of Carl Gustav Jung. Jung's collective unconscious mind is merely the collective common ancestry of mankind's myths and legends. It is a kind of mental mythological history that has been left behind by humanity on its long journey.

No, the real human collective unconscious that I am speaking of is much vaster, much older; it is the record of humanity's biological evolutionary history. The real human collective unconscious mind is the millions of years of Man's experiential memories, stored and recorded as a code in the DNA in each cell of the human body. It is our human biological collective inheritance. The record of the path that humanity has followed during the whole long journey of evolution is the true human collective unconscious mind.


And our body remembers! Memories are stored in the DNA of each cell. Each human body contains memories. It remembers our evolutionary history back to the beginning of time, long before there were human beings.

Devageet, it seems that each person's teeth are their individual link, their evolutionary link to existence itself; the teeth hold memories connecting each person to the human collective unconscious mind. The teeth of each person contain a complete record of all their memories back to the time when he was a monkey, maybe before. The teeth are a personal akashic record of everything that has happened to an individual during their whole evolution.

And it continues, the teeth record all that is happening, even now. It does not stop. It is happening now. Memories stored in teeth? It may seem a little strange, but it is not. Crystals are able to store much information. Your computer chips store millions of pieces of information. Just a small computer chip can hold so much. Yes, the enamel in the teeth is made of millions of tiny crystals, and each one is like a computer chip, and there are millions of them. A computer chip may be very small but it can hold millions of facts, and in your teeth you have millions of crystals. The brain is a bio-computer, and the teeth contain all its memories, from today going back through millions of years of evolution.

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