Chakra Change Means Life Change

Working with the chakras is the very basis for transforming our life from suffering and confusion into love, success and happiness.


02/07/2012 07:58:01 PM

Great stuff. But while I would say that Chakra Healing is definitely the most EFFECTIVE healing, I wouldn't say it is the fastest -- especially with the lower, denser chakras. You can pull a weed out quickly, but getting to it's roots is key if you don't want that weed to grow back. Our lower energy centers are like that. For example, if you have constipation (first chakra), the fastest "healing" method is to take a laxative. But that won't get at the root of the problem (okay, pun intended :-). You need to do first chakra energy work -- and stay committed to it consistently until the energy stays shifted. And this can be hard, because commitment and consistency are first chakra qualities. That's right, you need to display first chakra qualities to boost your first chakra! That's why I created my Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™ -- to have a healing method that would stick with you until the energy shift was set and a new pattern created. Blessings, Vicki Howie, MA, ERYT, CHt


12/29/2011 10:47:06 PM

What I am bothered about is bringing this fascinating discipline out of its esoteric blur into the clear light of the real scientific knowledge. The discipline is so fascinating that doing so will not only enhance its approach to the common people around but also expand the dimensions of the language that the scientific knowledge is using at the moment.