Chakra Change Means Life Change

Working with the chakras is the very basis for transforming our life from suffering and confusion into love, success and happiness.


Chakras can be thought of as places along our spine where the universal life-force (kundalini) is particularly concentrated. Everyone feels their chakras – either as pleasurable thoughts, emotions and body sensations or as painful beliefs, feelings and sickness.

The fastest way to change your life for the better is to change the state of your chakras.

Chakra change means life change! We can imagine our chakras like film projectors that project our surrounding environment like a projector projects a movie on a screen. In order to manifest our dreams we need to change the roll of film in our projector – or purify our chakra from all its negativity. Therefore, if we want our life to change we need to change our chakras first and the ‘outside world’ will follow. This is the way to experience love, success and happiness. 

Chakra Healing

Tibetan Buddhism recognises five main chakras (as opposed to seven in Hinduism).  It is important to understand that chakras and energy channels are not a mechanical system of pipes or vents in our body. Chakra opening is foremost an event of the mind and only secondarily an event of the body. It is therefore our limiting beliefs and attitudes that have caused all the problems in our chakras and we should be prepared to look at these attitudes and then let them go.


The fastest way to heal our chakras is imagining a loving (divine) being in front of us sending love into our chakra and our own chakra opening out like a flower to receive this love. The greatest healer of all limiting attitudes and beliefs is love. Therefore, sending love into every chakra will bring them to their most beautiful opening and ultimately to the union with the divine.

Head Chakra

When the head chakra is open we feel spiritual bliss, have deep insights about the nature of reality, clarity of thought, clairvoyance, superior concentration and visualization abilities, creative ideas and even spiritual visions.

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