12 Steps to Recover from Any Addiction

Darren Littlejohn, a recovering addict and a practitioner of Zen and Tibetan Buddhism, on 12 steps to recover from any addiction.


11/09/2013 08:08:08 PM

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07/14/2010 02:37:27 PM

All recovering addicts need a support system. My boyfriend is a recent recovering addict and life is hard for him. After a bunch of long talks we started some research to further help him out with his recovery process. The site http://www.choopersguide.com is a treatment resource guide that we found to be helpful. He’s in a support group so that he can swap life stories with others who are recovering! Our faith helps us get through life as well. We trust in Jehovah and his son to help and give us strength!


07/29/2009 09:52:49 PM

I am glad to have read these. I think that in reading them, you and I are at least admitting to ourselves, or have some curiosity, into being a better person not only for ourselves but for others. I have had the book Celebrate Recovery on my bookshelf for about two years and think it's time to crack it open. Much love and peace to you all!


06/17/2009 03:39:43 PM

I am in wholehearted agreement with comments made by howbetter. I am a recovered alcoholic and prescription drug addict. The original 12 Steps and 12 Traditions as promulgated by AA are not and have never been "religious" though many have tried to make them so. They are deitific to be certain but not religious per se. I wonder if tokengimps proclivities might not be better served on some other forum than this one. Lastly, thanks to Littlejohn for his efforts.


06/16/2009 09:27:10 AM

This is a wonderful set of recovery suggestions, and accessible to people of any religion, or those who do not see themselves as having a religion. I could not help noticing the multiple entries below that are so insistent that bible verses and a belief in a particular religious being are necessary for recovery. I was raised as a Christian, and while I still appreciate the teachings, the kind of evangelical repetition and insistence that a particular religious approach is the only way is just exactly why I looked for and found other ways of living my spiritual life.


06/13/2009 10:24:34 AM

Try Celebrate Recovery. It's a recovery program based on the 12 steps of AA steps and the corresponding biblical verses and an 8 step program based on the beatitudes. I tried AA many times, but always felt something was missing when I had to choose my higher power as I understood him. My Higher Power was alcohol and drugs and it always took over. Once I knew Jesus and accepted him as my higher power things clicked, and I quite using.