Sharon Salzberg on Increasing Acts of Kindness

American Buddhist teacher Sharon Salzberg offers 10 ways to increase acts of kindness.


12/23/2010 09:17:40 AM

Kindness is giving without expectations of getting back. Try buying a dozen roses at the grocery store where you shop, then hand them out, one at a time, to people in the parking lot. You learn to see people who are tired, suffering and weary. It is amazing how a simple flower can lift the spirit! One elderly lady thought she MUST be on 'candid camera, as no one just hands out flowers without a reason!" *smile*


07/07/2010 01:47:18 PM

We know that kindness is the missing link to prosperity. Join us as we take kindness to the streets!


05/04/2010 06:57:42 AM

Kindness must come from the heart, from the part of us that makes us who we are. If not, them it is merely a painted on smile or a futile jester for a pat on the back.


01/10/2010 02:19:23 PM

Good stuff! No need to pontificate. I am grateful this is free to the user. Thank you.


08/24/2009 11:40:28 AM

I agree. Great food for thought.


07/28/2009 11:41:12 AM

Repackaging ancient material to fit the modern vogue of the intended target group in such a way as to maximize its population will most probably generate as large a material profit as can be had in this regard. Those predisposed to acts of other than kindness unto others are lost to this material anyway. Sadly, however, the age of homo not-so-sapiens is just as affectionately defective now as it has been since time immemorial, wherefrom one may deduce that those predisposed to acts of other than kindness have historically been holding sway as a counterbalance of significant substance.

ida rose

02/12/2009 02:18:04 AM

Absolutely wonderful. Working with the elderly teaches you all of these things. Trying to share it with the general public is a challenge, but a good challenge that needs to be taken everyday.


02/09/2009 09:07:39 PM

Kindness is actually our nature. We cannot resist it. Kindness of ourselves, and kindness of others, is our Godlike nature. God is all merciful, all-just, and we reflect that. So we just can’t hold on to preconcieved thoughts presented by others with mislead conceptions of Life. It is our true nature that has been bestowed upon us to be kind and compassionate for others that are misdirected. We must look forward everyday to do the best good we can see posible. Let's look forward to loving one another and being kind... this is what Life is all about.... share it and your day will be bright....


02/09/2009 02:24:30 PM

sometimes, i forget the random acts of kindness. this meaningful share allows me to go back into my own essence of authenticity. i send you my gratidtude.


02/09/2009 12:54:11 PM

You rock Sister Warrior! Thanks for the confirmation, keep the faith and the light


02/08/2009 07:09:11 AM

Thank you, Sharon Salzberg. That was a very beautiful and moving list ... I will share it with Our Lady of Weight Loss's Kick in the Tush Club. Deliciously yours, Janice Taylor

Prem Das

02/08/2009 05:23:57 AM

Kindness is an effect of compassion which is a facet of wisdom. Wise people are old souls. Chronological age is an artificial measure invented for our convenience. Have we not come across foolish old people and wise young ones


02/05/2009 10:54:21 AM

Honestly, if you have to LEARN to be kind, doesn't that make you a sociopath?


01/27/2009 02:47:21 PM

I agree that kindness is a skill as well as a quality of the heart and that this skill will deepen as we learn to be more aware of one another, but I also believe that some of us have to work harder at this skill than others. Some people are seemingly born with the skill more or less fully developed like my sister, who is always ready to lend an ear to a person in need, no matter what misfortunes she may be encountering in her own life. She has been ' truly a shining example to that younger sister whose self-absorbed wishes drowned out thoughts of others for many a long year, but the passing days have taught her to honestly treasure the unselfishness of the elder — a humble, compassionate soul instinctively in touch with her nature purely divine, a privilege indeed to call her a sister of mine.' (from my book 'Family and More - Enemies or Friends?') She has taught me to experiment with speaking to others, listening to others and caring for others, though it's a skill I'm still working on! Thank you for sharing this. Helena Harper