Jesus and Buddha as Brothers

Those who practice love and charity are close to great religious leaders of all faiths.


06/17/2012 02:19:41 PM

The idea is simple, but actually appreciating the commonality can be a very rich experience. Basically, Christian contemplation and Buddhist meditation can inform each other concerning the way to finding peace and love. And I feel it's enriching to compare the inspiration we see in the Virgin Mary with that of Guanyin (Kwan Yin) the Buddhist goddess of universal compassion. My sentimental favorite example of positive influence between religions is from Macau, where the Portuguese government offered the city a farewell present in 1997. It erected a 20-meter-high statue of Guanyin overlooking the harbor. But the artist, Cristina Leiria, clearly melded the goddesses of China and Portugal into one figure. It was both the Virgin Mary and Guanyin at the same time, symbolizing a fusion of the best and most beautiful from both the East and the West. Here, I suspect, is an early sign of a coming planetary religion, in which no tradition, authority, or sex prevails, but all things beautiful and good share the world’s admiration. quote from A Galaxy of Immortal Women: The Yin Side of Chinese Civilization


10/25/2011 09:09:44 PM

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10/12/2011 02:56:24 AM

This is really a no-brainer, but nice to read nonetheless. All religions are basically different reflections of the same essential Truth.


10/11/2011 04:00:29 PM

Jerryjerry, so irked by frequent juxtaposition of Buddhism with Christianity, in contradistinction to the underwhelming infrequency of other such juxtapositions, should stop and reflect. Both these religions are so similar in their emphasis on compassion, especially in the fact that they emphasize it all and with such affective intensity, that they inspire the many to the very juxtaposition that irks him so.


10/11/2011 03:12:19 PM

It's kind of silly and even counter-productive to frame things more or less as Buddhism vs. Christianity. Even if that was the intention, selecting any two individual religions and comparing them, is messy at best. Why not Islam and Taoism? Shintoism and B'Hai? Judaism and Hinduism? Would it not be a bit more fruitful, to realize all religions have something to offer and the chance for positive development? I'm a pantheist myself. And if we are to forgo the political correctness, and cut to the truth, the followers of almost all religions, believe that their religion alone is the best, is the only route to salvation, etc. I'm a Buddhist and I would be quite honest when I say, I believe that Buddhism is the most advanced spiritual path ever created and/or taught. I believe it is the ultimate religion, and all other religions fall short of it in their teachings. I believe Buddhism is superior to other religions, in a thousand different ways, way too many to list here. I know this is not exactly politically correct to say, especially for a Buddhist, since we are expected to be less confrontational, more passive, less offensive, more open, more accepting, etc...


09/13/2011 02:56:40 PM

I signed up just now with Shamanism as my "religion"... because I received instruction from a famous shaman back in the seventies. That experience allowed me to assume Catholicism, from my childhood upbringing, in its ethymological sense as UNIVERSALISM... and as a universalist or "Catholic" I see no incompatibility between Jesus and Buddha... at all! Matters of faith are often institutionalized subservience to specific notions... As far as migration of the soul, there are ways and ways to interpret this. I have little interest in "reincarnating" and nothing in my experience points towards reincarnation being for real OR NOT! I take no sides on this issue which seems to me secondary. Charity and Love for oneself and all,,, being able to be one with the Universe and the love of God is what matters, which makes one indebted to others as much as to oneself. I recommend reading Simone Weil. The American Weil Society has a lot of info in English and I have some at


09/13/2011 02:35:21 PM

With the exception of the few, a sense of exclusivity, intrinsic to the framework of Christianity, obliges virtually all Christians to build and maintain walls between themselves and those whom they are to regard as in danger of damnation by a lovingly Christian God for the sin of not believing in His son. But Buddhism by its very nature imbues its adherents with a sense of universal inclusivity. They are thus more inclined to love their neighbors than are the Christians. Adhuc Gaudio Lugens.


03/16/2008 09:36:51 PM

I am a Christian, so of course to me the evidence is clear that only one man of flesh died and was bodily ressurected..... JESUS CHRIST You can't say that for Buddah, Mohammed, or any other prophet, so my why would you need faith; the answer is right there in the ressurection! God Bless!


07/07/2005 06:13:29 PM

In general, Buddhism and Christianity have a lot in common. Both come out of other religions, and as criticisms of those traditions (Jesus' criticism of the limits of the Mosaic tradition, Buddha's criticism of the caste system). Both turned out to enjoy much greater popularity than their predecessors, but somewhere else. Europe, not Palestine, became the home of Christianity. China and southeast Asia, not India, became the land of Buddhists. Both were "seemingly" iconoclastic, with Jesus providing a simpler path to righteousness than the 613 rules of the Mosaic Law - and Buddha showing a path to enlightenment in a single life, not many. Both also taught a certain rejection of the world - either through prayer or meditation. Buddhist and Christian monks are both known for their withdrawal from the pleasures of an ordinary life.


02/01/2005 12:53:27 PM

What a beautiful comparison of Buddhism and Christianity! I truly love both the Christ and the Buddha with equal reverence, and articles like this remind me of why they both have such an importance to me. They both taught the same universal teaching: "The Golden Rule."


08/02/2004 08:12:38 AM

This is a very gentle and fair article, which recognizes our shared humanity and the love we recognizes as the highest gift we can show to one another. But there is one presupposition in the article that I think needs to be brought out because the conclusion misses the mark. Christianity is about God, specifically the person of Jesus the unique Son of God. "He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation. . . . all things were created by him and for him." Our intuition may tell us the same thing. If there is a God, it follows we share the same God, who is of infinite worth, whose character defines the good, and whose purposes give meaning. So as Christians understand it, life is not about people, or their compassion, or lack thereof. Jesus is not merely the means, he is the end. By "not merely", I'm thinking of the personal one-time "recreation" by which God's Holy Spirit becomes the means to live the compassionate life. Its about God not us.


04/26/2004 12:27:03 AM

Like South Park, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed and etc are the "Super Best Friends" - we all have different immediate beliefs but there is a core belief in all of it - Be Good to one another because everything we do on earth are seen, heard and judged!


03/22/2004 02:57:23 AM

Buddha: "Always wholeheartedly seek the truth" Jesus: "I am the truth" It's a pretty short dialogue if you ask me.


10/14/2003 04:10:09 PM

HereticSpeaks, I like your theology. The Church of Christian Consciousness...hmmm...i could definitely see it now. Anyway, I think too many people (both Christian and Buddhist) have such narrow minded views and perceptions regarding faith. It seems egotistical to me to spout out facts about your religion, claiming it to be the absolute truth. Fear tactics should not be used to promote one's faith, as seems to be the trend amongst Western Religions, save for Judaism. True unity can only come when we Comfort one another and accept that no one is exactly alike.


07/22/2003 03:37:47 PM

My above thought / conclusions were excerpts from my dissertation, "One Heretics Theory of Ultimate TRUTH" Anyone interested may obtaine a Free Email Copy online by request to: "" allow a day or 2 for a responce. Peace Dirk Rev. Heretic


07/22/2003 03:32:48 PM

SeveAs to Jesus stating he was the Son of GOD, and that followers should worship as such, Read,..... "The Book of Barnabas" Can be purchased from


07/22/2003 03:30:22 PM

Six The many re-births represent the Evolution of Mankind, As we Individually will / have experienced all aspects of / within the evolution of man: from the one cell amobea, through primative man, through the trials and tribulations of Jesus, to our present state.


07/22/2003 03:25:12 PM

Five IMO we ALL go through the master cycle of Transcendental Evolution, within a delusion of Individuality, This cycle is predestined, From GOD / ONE MIND, through Self Delusion, Return to GOD, This is the epitome of GRACE, as we are never truely serperate from GOD / ONE MIND, Thus Salvation is not required of us, salvation is not an Opitio, We ALL will see the Glory of GOD, as we are: Of / Within / AS GOD / ONE MIND


07/22/2003 03:20:27 PM

Four You say Judas bought a field and dived in to it The way I see it Judas achieved a restricted understanding of reality / spiritual teaching, Emerged himself, thus lock himself from realizing the totality of TRUTH, and did not reach a realization of the Christ Consciousness, thus died in this cycle pf re-birth, to return again and again and again, till he does achieve to an realization of the Christ Consciousness.


07/22/2003 03:14:53 PM

Third Jesus said that I am the Truth, the Life, and the way, and to get to GOD you have to go through me. The way I see it Jesus represents the Christ Spirit of Individual consciousness / Mind, and GOD represents the ONE Ultimate Consciousness / Mind Thus We as individuals are required to achieve to the realization of the Christ Consciousness / Mind, before we can realize the ONE Ultimate Consciousness / Mind.


07/22/2003 03:09:47 PM

Second I agree with both, that there is one Life (Christian), and there are many re-births (Buddhism) But the way I see it there are many re-births, within the one cycle of Life (Transcendental Evolutionary Cycle) IMO these 2 beliefs are compatible.


07/22/2003 03:05:04 PM

First Jesus was not THE Son of GOD, but A Son of GOD, just as each and every individual (Male & Female)are Son's of GOD.


07/22/2002 04:16:56 PM

I agree with you that we do not use Jesus to get to God. But we do have to go through Jesus to get to God. Jesus Himself said in John 14:6 "Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." And he also said in verses 13 and 14 13 "And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son." 14 "If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it." So we do need Jesus to get to the father for we can not do it under our own works. I think that is one of the only major differences between the teachings of the two.


07/04/2002 01:34:39 PM

Sorry Guys, I have one more thing to say, and that is to Jihn: It is not presumtuous for Christ followers to Say that we have to use Jesus to get to God, in the Gospel of John he says that we can get enything we desire from the Father if we ask in His name...:-) Blssings! Courtney


07/04/2002 01:28:37 PM

Here is a couple of quotes from Jesus in the Gnostic Gospels as an example: This, therefore, is the true testimony: When man comes to know himself and God, who is over the truth, he will be saved, and he will crown himself with the crown unfading. (The Gospel of Thomas) He that finds the light within, will discover God, he who knows himself knows God. (the Gospel of Truth) How can these things that Jesus say not be compared to the teachings of Buddhism? Buddha says that to Discover the true self is the key to enlightenment, and bliss. And when one Learns opf the Divine within he transcends death and suffering. ( I know I am not doing Buddha Justice with this quasi quote but I cant find my book right now) So there is my $.02. Blessings! Courtney


07/04/2002 01:28:24 PM

The basic phylosophy of both are so similar if one looks at it from an objective point of view they are exaclt the same. Personaly I think in a lot of ways Buddha came to save the east, and Jesus came to save the west. Gnostic Teachings are also very similar in ideals to the teachings of Tantra, esp Tibetan Tantra, which is based on the teachings of Buddha. But I think to truely see this people who are followers of Christ need to reach outside of the bible, and Read the Gnostic Gospels inorder to discover this.


07/04/2002 01:27:44 PM

Friends, how can one not see the siliarities of Jesus and Buddha? I have been studying the Gnostic gospels for a while, and the teachings Jesus brings forth in them are amazing, and very similar to the teachings Buddha brought. Buddha said any one can become a Buddha, Jesus said in the Gospel of Thomas that any one can become a Christ.


06/14/2002 06:49:35 PM

The verse in acts 1 is talking I believe about Judas as well. It says in acts 1:17 that he purchased a field and fell headlong with would to me sound like a hanging. So it is talking about the same instance and therefor is the same reason for such a verse to sound so called unvirtuous or be contradicting.


06/14/2002 06:44:02 PM

Matthew 27:5 does not take much. That verse is refering to Judas Iscariot who betrated Jesus to the Jews. If you had just betrayed your Lord and Savior you would not be to happy with yourself either. Jesus said that the one who betrayed Him it would be better for him not to have been born. That is in Matthew 26:24. The money was what he was paid to betray Jesus. He hung himself because of the blasphemous crime he commited.


06/14/2002 06:36:30 PM

As for the "difficult verses" I was not avoiding them. It is not the easiest to explain them in the limited space I have here. The passage in Luke that you mentioned is quite simple. Again Jesus is speaking spiritualy. He does not want us to litteraly hate our parents or siblings and ourselves. What he wants us to do though is put Him and God first in our lives. Sometimes our family will say or do things that is against the will of God. Our own flesh is the enemy of God. Our spirit is what gives us the power to defeat sin in our lives and follow Jesus. We can not follow what we used to know in the world or with our family. We need to follow what we know is the will of God in the Bible.


06/14/2002 06:23:16 PM

Well, I do not have much room on here to explain all those verses but here goes. For one thing what do you think him cursing a tree for not bearing fruit was supposed to mean? He was speaking spiritualy not litteraly. We need to focus our thoughts in a spiritual way and we will understand what he meant by that. He was cursing the tree because it did not bear fruit to give us as believers an example of what will happen to christian if they do not bear fruit. He was using the fig tree to show us as trees. The word of God is a seed. It is also water it says that in the bible. We are to water the seed in us with the water of the word. Then we will grow and become stronger trees and bear fruit.


06/06/2002 11:47:57 PM

jesusfollower4ever: What does Jesus wanting and requiring us to bear fruit have to do with his angry display at cursing an out-of-season fig tree? And your knee-jerk response that I was taking those scriptures I quoted "out of context" is just a believers way of avoiding explaining difficult biblical verses. The fact that you didn't, or couldn't, answer any of my questions is reason why you are not in a position to give any recommendations or 'spiritual advice' to a Buddhist.


06/06/2002 05:44:06 PM

Well you are right Jesus does want and requires us to bear fruit. You need to read your bible and those verses you have are completely out of context. Besides what I meant is I may be right and I may be wrong in everything I say and believe. What matters is when I die what happens to me. I know I am saved so I am not worried I just try to do my best and live by the example of Jesus and by the will of God.


06/06/2002 12:55:47 AM

jesusfollower4ever: For one who claims that " does not matter what we believe," you certainly have a host of beliefs? Of course, one only believes when one doesn't know so, if you reckon that "truth" is what matters, why don't you admit that you just don't know instead of all the rather inconsistent utterances? And while we are at it, why should a Buddhist "just sit down with God and follow Him by reading His word the bible"? What is a compassion-practicing Buddhist to think when he comes across an unvirtuous passage like Luke 14:26? Would such contradictions as Matthew 27:5 compare Acts 1:18 in God's word' evoke his confidence? Would Jesus' angry petulence in cursing an out-of-season fig tree for not producing fruit encourage him to take up your belief-filled recommendation?


06/02/2002 02:23:53 PM

Now as a christian I believe that there is One God. His word is the Holy Bible. His Son Jesus Christ was sacraficed for my sins on the cross. He was also resurrected for my salvation. He still lives and He lives in me. We all come to the realization that there is a God or higher power. In my life and through my experiences there is NO DOUGHT in my mind that Jesus is the only way to God. Jesus did say he was God but He also said to worship the father. Only God can show anyone who He is and the Love He has for you through your personal experiences. We are all a little stubborn and thick headed. We do not want to believe unless we see it for our own eyes. I want to tell you this. I have seen many glorious things that God has shown me in my life through the same power He used to raise His son from the dead. His Holy Spirit has done much for me in my life.


06/02/2002 02:23:25 PM

We can sit and debate similarites and differences all day. We need to just sit down with God and follow Him by reading His word the Bible and living our lives by His commandments. I agree with some of the comments on this list but some I do not agree with. That does not mean any of them are right or wrong unless they disagree with what God says is truth. For only Gods word is truth and that is what we must base our faith and beliefs on. This is a choice God has given us. I have chosen to follow Him and live by His word. It is up to you the choice you want to make for you life


06/02/2002 02:22:20 PM

Look I have only been a Christian for two years. I have a friend who is a Buddist. Now I do agree that there are similar things in the teachings of both on how to live your life. But there is one thing we HAVE to realize is it does not matter what we believe or what betters our lives. What matters is what is the truth and what happens when we die. That is what it boils down to right.


05/22/2002 11:14:14 PM

Clagarytower1--Have you really never seen a portrait of Jesus? I assure you there are quite a few... Anyway, I find the whole comparing-Jesus-with-everyone-else trend dull and overdone, and like most modern trends, it usually devolves into goofiness: Christo-Buddhist Wiccans arguing with Buddhist-Pagan Christians about whether Jesus died in Kashmir or Alexandria while some Baptist who has learned to use a computer keeps repeating John 14:6 at them in all caps. This isn't to say that the Buddha and Jesus wouldn't have gotten along swimmingly or that their messages are not at least partially compatible. As a Christian I do study Buddhism from time to time--also, one of my favorite books is the Tao of Pooh. Very wonderful stuff. But reading some of these posts, I have to wonder if we are overexamining everything and trying to twist and contort stuff to our own idiosyncratic worldviews


02/28/2002 05:18:52 PM

Don't people find it strange that one of the most popular people in the history of the world does not have a face? Was he really a person or something made up? All of the ancient civilations had paintings or carvings/sculptures of their most famous people.


02/27/2002 05:33:49 PM

Knowing that Jesus and Budda have vary simulat teachings, I then see that these two "people" represent two different religions, two different cults! It is obvious that someone could easily ask why...well i think that their teachings mean the same thing although giving two different ways of approach..Budda is saying that there is a non-self, Christ (or God) is saying that we have the potential of becoming God, where we will no longer be the slaves of evil and we will just be free to do good. Isn't it the same thing in the end? By becoming a no-being, maybe we just get rid of our evil chains and get to be "God"...


01/25/2002 09:27:08 PM

The best way for me to identify myself using our frail language is as a "neo-Christian-Buddhist." Both Jesus and Siddhartha spoke the same lessons, in two different centuries (6 apart, actually) and in two different places. While I beleive the social lessons, I do not necessarily believe the mythologies involved.


05/23/2001 11:46:17 PM

response to worshiping Jesus N O W H E R E does Jesus say "I am God, worship me." Jesus expected the disciples and the people around him to recognise his true nature and identity from his words.Jesus does give enough proof and then lets you draw your own connclusions. Only the true God can give true evidence for it and if you have the evidence there is no need for the explicit command to worship anymore. The statement "I am God" adds nothing of substance to the question regarding his identity. His real identity is established by the proof he gives, not by claims each and everybody can make. After he has given the evidence, there is no more need for the statement. Those who are open for the truth will recognise the evidence, those who ignore the evidence won't be convinced either if he adds this specific statement you seem to demand from him. And if you have recognized his true identity, worshiping him is only proper and will nearly be an "automatic" response.


04/07/2001 01:45:45 AM

My spelling may be alittle weak here, but my facts are strait. In Hebrew, Yashua ha'Mashiach. In Greek, Iesus Christos. In English, Jesus Christ. All of these transliterations, translate in meaning into "the savior" and the "anointed one". The name Joshua like the name Jahova are early mispronunciations of the names Yashua and YahVeh. But what diffrence does it make? The truth, is whatever you believe it to be. If you find it's not true, then you will believe somthing else! When you eventuly come to the understanding that you are trying to separate the unseparable, then you will have the begining of wisdom. From below, there is no diffrence between Buddhism and Christianity, if you think there is then you have not achived either one!


04/04/2001 01:37:24 AM

At the risk of being flamed by all, I'd like to reply to Buddha_seeker's message. Early Christians believed in resurrection, not reincarnation. The Christian belief in rebirth is only to be understood in a spiritual sense, not a physical one. To argue otherwise is to go way past what the Bible says, and must be seen as pure speculation, or eisegesis (reading into a passage what we want to say). Joshua the Messiah is simply a "Hebrew-ization" of the Anglicised version of the Greek translation of the Aramaic name of Jesus.


04/04/2001 01:31:24 AM

Tomi, Could you please explain your message? I must confess I can't see a way in, so I can understand your point.


03/17/2001 04:16:41 PM

If you think you see a difference, then you are not "there" yet. And "there" could be any where you want to be.


03/16/2001 05:23:01 PM

This is the first message I have posted here, so please excuse me if I am covering ground already travelled over. To Jihn I have to say that the question of praying through Jesus is not, in fact, presumptuous, in spite of appearances. Jesus himself tells us that we are to come to God *only* through him, whether in terms of our prayers or in terms of having a relationship with God. This is of course the great scandal of Christianity. There is no other way to God, no matter how sincere of firm our beliefs. This means that all other paths to God/enlightenment/heaven/perfection/whatever are ultimately dead-ends.


03/07/2001 08:43:27 PM

I am Wiccan-multitheistic, but I believe in Christ. From a historical perspective, I believe him to be divine in having reached a true understanding of the higher power. To Jesus-rules-us, the Bible says "thou shalt not have any God before me", aren't you being slightly presumptuous in thinking that prayers would go through Jesus first and that you are supposed to worship Jesus? The Bible didn't say anything about worshipping the man, just follow-by-example. Email answer to (ps. I am female, so sending anything denoting that men are better will earn you no respect-just a warning)


03/06/2001 09:50:49 PM

Jesus is our ticket to heaven no one else. the only way to achieve this honor is through a personal relationship with God. you speak to God only through Jesus Christ each day through prayer. God hates idol worship which is anything that takes us away from God. also why pray to a statue when God is real? we are living in the end times where christians values are shoved aside for new age religion that is dead. can budda create miracles or bless you? no only through the holy spirit can we be so alive to tase our new life with God. i pray for those who are lost and need to seek God for their sins. i still struggle with sin and will never be perfect like Jesus but i will adapt my life to be as close as he lived.


11/10/2000 06:14:53 AM

As a new Buddhist of 4 years (with a Jewish heritage)from a Catholic family and 5 year Born Again Christian experience, plus 20 years of personal study on Philosophy, Religion and Socialology, I have this to say: Any truth that brings an end to suffering is the only truth worth knowing. Any truth that includes the three attributes of compassion, wisdom and tolorence is the only truth worth knowing. So as long as these elements are present in "your truth", whether you believe in Jesus or Buddha, all will be well. Points worth noting: Early Christians, believed in rebirth/reincarnation (The Church council of Nicea in 325AD offically deemed it heretical) Jesus Christ is also known as Joshua the Messiah The word Buddha is a title and not a persons name. Buddha means "awaken one". The man incorrectly known by this name was "Gautama" a former Indian Prince.


10/23/2000 06:02:18 PM

While Christianity and Buddhism are two opposing religious traditions, they do have their similarites. The similarities between Jesus and Buddha are even stronger. The difference is that Buddha merely claimed to have awakened to the truth ... Jesus claimed to BE the truth ("I am the way, the truth, and the life.") So while I respect and learn from Buddhism philosophically, Christianity is my religion. All we're really seeking is truth, and I found it in Christ.


10/12/2000 06:23:25 PM

I believe that there is only 1 life, 1 God and 1 way to heaven. Jesus Christ is that person. He has changed my life in so many awesome ways giving me hope through the hard times. He's always there for me. Buddha has already died. Jesus was born of a Virgin, performed miracles, died but rose again in spirit and in flesh and was lifted up into heaven. This is not only proved in the Bible but is also proved in various UNSPIRITUAL books. As for me, their is two many differences to link Buddha and Jesus together especially because Jesus said THEIR IS ONLY 1 TRUE GOD AND ONLY ONE WAY TO GET THEIR WHICH IS THROUGH JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD AND SAVIOR.


08/16/2000 07:38:37 PM

Jesus first brought me to Inner Peace (or at least the presentation of Jesus in the Gospels & the Gospel of Thomas). Buddha's teaching fit perfectly well into my spiritual growth. Very similar and complemetary teachings.


08/06/2000 05:23:37 PM

Our ideas of Jesus and Buddha are neither Jesus or Buddha, but creations of our mind. Leave alone Jesus and Buddha and discover who you are.


07/09/2000 06:58:59 PM

What a blessing to hear others witness of this. You are the second one this week and maybe the fourth one in 8 years. This is still a very new phenomina but it is going to become natural one day. Praise God and blessings to you.


07/09/2000 06:06:52 PM

Thummin, I agree with your view. I have experienced this revelation, and I have experienced God's visit. This has changed my life totally. What a blessing.


07/04/2000 11:55:22 AM

I will come visit your website but I can see by what you wrote here that you don't understand much about either religion in the spiritual sense. The mind can only comprehend certain things at certain levels, ie, a child under 2 can not recognize himself in a mirror and a person under 25, has little foresight. A person under 40,rarely can grasp metaphysical symbolism, which is why Judaism used to teach no one should study Kabbalah under 40, ie the age Moses first encountered God. I can teach a teenager to say Jesus is God, or Jesus is the Messiah or Jesus is dead, and all those things will only mean what he is capable of understanding at his level of comprehension or age. God knows we are VAIN in our imaginings because we are humans who need DIVINE REVELATION and in this HE alone calls the SHOTS. Till God visits us, which I experienced, we will simply play, "I know better than you know" while no one can POSSIBLY know what has not been revealed to them.


07/02/2000 12:39:25 PM

How does this fit in comparing Jesus and Buddha? Jesus in the flesh was not God since God can not be flesh and blood and flesh and blood can not inherit the Kingdom of God. It was his spirit which was divine. Colossians say ALL THE MYSTERIES of the FATHER are wrapped up in Christ, so where does the flesh and blood come in?? Jesus showed us that unless the spirit RULES THE FLESH AND BLOOD we are not TEMPLES of God which is what the BODY was intended to be. It is not intended to be God but to CARRY HOUSE CONTAIN GOD. Buddha found his spiritual truth. HE had to sit UNDER the BO tree, which is metaphor for getting UNDER THE TREE of knowledge of good and evil and this is the same process of making a SON OF GOD in Judaism, and Christianity, though our languages are not the same. BUT REMEMBER GOD Confused our languages so we would not be able to see or hear. Why? because we need to become PURE IN HEART to understand truth. It is not revealed to an unrepentant heart and a prideful mind.


07/02/2000 12:33:59 PM

I understand the difference between Jesus and Buddha but if you really do then explain why Jesus differentiated "MESSIAH from the son of David". He explains that Messiah was before David and David even called him LORD and yet the "son of David" is flesh and blood. Jesus was constantly reminding us not to look at things from the flesh and blood point of view. Christians are a real dichotemy. On the one hand they dont understand how Jews could miss all the SPIRITUAL interpretations of the OT and yet they materialize the NT as it serves them. That is the pitfall of the CARNAL dual mind which can never discern truth. You can't have it both ways. Either look at everything spiritually first or physically first. You can pick and chose what you want it to be when you want it to be so. Jesus consistenly said the Father is spirit and we must worship him as such.


06/30/2000 03:30:12 PM

Jesus and Buddah are opposites. One's a dead philosopher. The other is God, who made Buddah, a man. One saw philosophy become a religion. The other saw a religion become 26,000 religions with 26,000 philosophies. One saw one religion of the 26,000 retain Truth. The other sees as many truths as there are people, billions of conflicting truths. One saw nothingness, Nirvanna. Another saw completeness, heaven. One saw a narrow road to heaven. Another saw a wide road to nothingness, apart from God, alone in your room for eternity. One has used souls. The losers get recycled. The other gives each person a body mind, soul and spirit, personally.


06/30/2000 02:44:14 PM

The reason Judaism and Budhism get along is belief in reincarnation. Jews believe eventually all ISRAEL will come out of exile-galut when Messiah comes, but Jews have to keep the covenant of Sinai alive and well till the Kingdom of God is established in men's hearts. Buddhism believes in reincarnation, but how can it be true when Paul said is appointed once for a man to die and then Judgment?? If death came through Adam and Jesus said we are all dead already till we FIND LIFE in the son (becoming the YECHIDA-only begotten son which we must become to inherit eternal life) how does this reconcile. Remember the son must endure chastisment (fiery trials) before he is reinstated or REMEMBERS himself.The PRODIGAL son had "TO COME TO HIMSELF" to want to return home. Paul said once you have TASTED of the glories of the UNSEEN world, there is no more ATONEMENT for you. If I left God again, I could not return without paying for every single sin myself, and that might result in my spiritual death. Do you understand??


06/27/2000 08:28:27 PM

Could it be that The different outlooks you describe are not only akin...but, in truth.....need each other? Just as Truth is apparrantly outlined by Not-Truth.... as Hate is illustrated by Love. I do wonder tho if the debt of Truth lies with the perceiver or the perceived? Jon