Will Saudi Arabia finally allow a church on its soil?

For centuries, practicing Christianity has been forbidden in the Saudi kingdom. Leaving Islam is punishable by death. So, are reports true that things are changing?

BY: Rob Kerby, Senior Editor


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converts are responding to Christian TV programs, reports Open Doors. Another phenomenon is widely reported -- of Muslims converting to Christianity after experiencing visions in which they said Jesus appeared to them.

"Christians risk further persecution and oppression in the future due to the rising number of converts and their boldness in sharing their faith," reports Open Doors. "In July 2012 the media reported the story of a young Saudi woman who converted to Christianity after her Lebanese employer shared the gospel with her. With his and a Saudi colleague's aid, she fled abroad. The lady's family filed charges against the employer. According to the Saudi Gazette, he was detained and taken to court. A month later, it was reported that the Saudi authorities had started to block several Christian websites."

And for the time being, apparently there will be no churches built, Coptic or otherwise.

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