The Sacred History

The Sacred History is the epic story of human interaction with angels and other forms of higher intelligence, starting from Creation all the way through to the operations of the supernatural in the modern world.

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How do they know this? Sometimes mystics see only what we see – the physical world. Sometimes they enter a visionary state in which the physical world fades from view and they see only the spiritual world. At other times they see the two worlds interweaving. A mystic may see an event with their two physical eyes – such as a mother deciding to double-check the seatbelt that holds her baby’s car seat in place – while at the same time seeing the same event with a third, more spiritual eye. From this perspective the mother’s guardian angel is at her shoulder prompting her to turn and look again, because the clip isn’t safely clicked into place. As she does so, the baby’s guardian angel smiles with gratitude and is illuminated with the brilliant clear blue light of understanding.

What the third or spiritual eye sees may lie outside the physical world, but that isn’t to say that it is inconsistent with what the two other eyes see. Rather, it opens up a new dimension that weaves in and out of the physical world.

It’s important to bear this double vision in mind as we come to consider the creation. Here, mystics and scientists are, I believe, looking at the same series of events. They are merely looking at them from very diiferent points of view.

If you turn to Chapter 1 of Genesis in the Authorized Version of the Bible, the sequence of events is as follows:

And God said Let there be light ... Let there be a firmament ... Let it divide the waters from the waters ...Let the dry land appear ... Let the earth bring forth grass ... Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life ... Let the earth bring forth ... the beasts of the earth ... Let us make man...


If you strip out the poetic language, what is this describing? It is a sequence in which subatomic particles (‘light’) are followed by gas (‘firmament’), followed by liquids (‘the waters’), solids (‘dry land’), primitive vegetable life (‘grass’), primitive marine life (‘the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life’), land animals (‘the beasts of the earth’) and finally anatomically modern humans (‘let us make man’). Looked at this way, Genesis is consistent with the modern scientific view.

Atheists who want to discredit the biblical account of creation always point to the idea that it took place in only seven days. But the Bible clearly never meant to say that the world was created in seven days in the modern sense of the word ‘day’, because a day is the measurement of the revolution of the Earth in relation to the sun, and in the beginning neither Earth nor sun existed. In Genesis the word ‘day’ must mean some vast unit of time like an aeon. Genesis is giving an account of events before time as we know it was measurable, perhaps before it even existed.

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