High School Snowboarder Says it’s a Miracle He’s Alive

With his little brother buried under an avalanche, a teen cries out to God…with amazing results.

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Under the snow, Matt began to yell, but there was no response. “I'm probably going to die,” he thought. Remarkably, he felt God's peace. He remembered hearing about a prophecy given to his mother, Becky, when she was four-months pregnant with him. She had started to hemorrhage and a doctor had informed her by phone she was probably miscarrying.

However, her husband was leading a group of teens from church and the kids all prayed over her. “One of the kids prophesied, ‘You’re not going to lose that baby because God’s going to do great things with him,’” Becky remembers.

The bleeding stopped and Matt was born full-term and healthy.

“My brother definitely has a calling on his life,” Michael told AG News. “He leads worship, leads in the youth group and is so talented. I didn’t want to see that go to waste – because he’s going to do something great for God!”

Buried in the snow, Matt remembered that prayer. He says he knew he was in God's hands.

As his big brother ran down toward the bottom of the avalanche, chunks of snow the size of his truck were still coming down around him. There was no sign of his little brother and he had no idea where he was. Michael yelled for Matt, but heard only silence.


Out of an area about 100 yards by 200 yards, Michael happened to step on the exact spot was his brother was entombed. His boot sunk down into a depression the size of a baseball.

And that’s when the brothers got their miracle.

The heel of Michael’s boot sank into the tiny depression in the snow – “where I had been digging,” recalls Matt, “and I could see his boot. I called out, ‘Mike, I’m fine, Mike I’m fine.’”

“I stopped yelling for a second, and I heard Matt,” recalls Michael. “I looked down and there was this little tiny hole about the size of a baseball in the snow. I started digging frantically.”

The miracle they got was that Michael’s boot, in a snowslide of tens of thousands of square yards, hit on the exact four-inch square spot where Matt had been digging from beneath the snow.

“When I found him, I broke down and cried,” Michael told AG News. “I was so happy – the fear and heartache I just experienced were gone!”

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