Church Shouldn’t Suck...the Life Out of You

Church Shouldn’t Suck...the Life Out of You by pastor Jim Minor, is a humorous, inspirational book aimed to regain your fervent passion for the church.

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Church Shouldn’t Suck...the Life Out of You is a humorous, inspirational book aimed to regain your fervent passion for the church. Jim Minor, senior pastor of The Harvest Church in Sarasota, Florida, offers his personal experiences of weariness and detachment from everyday church life and his journey back to a faith-filled, joyful ministry.

As a rule, when we are busy doing the things that God is involved in—things that are close to His heart—it places us smack-dab in the midst of His presence; and, consequently, it invokes His provision. This allows us to do things that are beyond our natural reach and outside the means of our visible resources. As a layperson or a pastor, the moment we look at what we have, in the natural, and allow that to determine what we are going to do, we’re in trouble. Relying on the external appearance of our situation closes off any hope of supernatural provision.

At The Harvest, we witness God’s miraculous provision on a daily basis. Quite simply, the things that God does in this house are not possible based on the natural.

We are a church of about four hundred people. If you visit our church on any given Sunday, you’re as likely to sit next to a county commissioner as you are to sit next to some¬one who was recently released from jail. Actually, that’s not true…you’re way more likely to sit next to someone fresh out of jail.


If you decide to visit us a second time, you’re officially a member.

Many of the people in our congregation are current or past participants in Harvest House Transitional Center, a subsidiary of our church. Harvest House offers a wide range of human service programs, including the Freedom and VETS programs, which offer residential substance abuse treatment to ninety-eight men, women, and homeless vet¬erans; Alive Again, transitional and graduate housing for our Freedom program participants; and Home Again, our newest and fastest growing program that provides hous¬ing and intense case management for chronically homeless families with children. Harvest House, along with its low-income housing programs, has a capacity of three hundred eighty beds each night. We work with all of our program participants, helping them get back on their feet after deal¬ing with legal issues, drug or alcohol addiction, homeless¬ness, or any one of a million other things life has hit them with.

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Jim Minor has been preaching and teaching the good news of the kingdom for more than forty years. He is currently the senior pastor of The Harvest Church in Sarasota, Florida, which he planted with his wife, Peggy, in 1984. Jim and Peggy have five children and six grandchildren, all of whom are serving the Lord with their parents in Sarasota.
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