Can a serious scientist also be a devout Christian?

Throughout the centuries, some of the greatest thinkers have shared one thing – their deep faith in the Almighty Creator of the Universe.

With a television audience estimated at 3 million looking on, atheist Bill Nye “the Science Guy” recently had a spirited three-hour debate with Christian scientist Ken Ham -- and a key question was whether a serious scholar has to choose between science and the Bible.

1Nye and Ham (YouTube)

Ham listed “numerous examples of revered scientists who reject evolution and embrace Biblical creation," reported Billy Hallowell of The Blaze. "Among them: Dr. Raymond Damadian who invented the MRI as a tool for making medical diagnoses.”

“One of the high points of the debate occurred when Ham showed short clips of prominent creationists who are involved in high-tech science and medicine,” reported the website Answers in Genesis.


Have many great scientists also been Christians? It’s easy to make a list of more than 500 great thinkers and scientists who were firm believers.

Hildegard_von_BingenHildegard of Bingen (Kirchberg – Bildstock)

One of the more colorful is Germany’s first woman physician, Hildegard of Bingen (1098–1179). She was also a Catholic nun and the head of a Benedictine abby. She conducted and published comprehensive studies of natural science and medicine -- and after her death was declared a saint.

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Rob Kerby, Senior Editor
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